The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline


This Is The Legend of Zelda From Start to Finish

The Legend of Zelda will forever be enshrined in the Video Game Pantheon as one of the best, if not the best, series of all time. Not debatable. However, one aspect of TLoZ that has been debated by countless fans over the last two decades is where all the games fall on an overarching Zelda timeline.  How does the  story unfold?  Where do Skyward Sword and Link to the Past fall in the legendary sequence?  What about the adorable Link’s Awakening?  This is important stuff, people!

Lucky for us, the lovely and talented video game gurus over at have spent entirely way too much time answering this question.  If you’re a Zelda fan and you have about 40 minutes to spare, I highly suggest immersing yourself in the video.  You’ll learn about the Child Link Timeline, the Adult Link Timeline, and the eye-opening Fallen Hero Timeline.  So… Go!  Watch!  Now! (Note: Trailer is at the bottom of this page, but due to embed issues you’ll have to click the link directly below this note to whisk yourself away to Hyrule).

Official Timeline