‘The Silver Bullet': America’s Deadliest Destroyer

‘The Silver Bullet': America’s Deadliest Destroyer

Deadly Destroyer

Nation, meet the DDG 1000 Zumwalt-class destroyer: a $3 billion warship so advanced that once it is deployed (in either 2014 or 2015) it will be “the most technologically sophisticated warship ever to hit the water”: equipped with dual 155-millimeter guns controlled by a computer, “a battery of SM-2 antiaircraft missiles, surface-targeting Tomahawks, missile-destroying ESSM interceptors, […] vertically launched ASROC antisubmarine torpedoes”, and “an electromagnetic railgun, which uses a magnetic field and electric current to fire a projectile at several times the speed of sound”.

The creation of this model marks the beginning of the implementation of three Zumwalt-class destroyers following the Navy’s re-evaluation of the ship’s cost-efficiency (although many experts, such as Naval Affairs Specialist Ronald O’Rourke, are proposing that Congress move to create more DDG 1000s in the future). The project is receiving its funding via the U.S. Navy’s DDG 1000 Detail Design and Integration contract,awarded in 2005, with Raytheon Integrated Defense System (IDS) leading in the development of the destroyers’ “electronic and combat systems“.

The vessel, which is regarded by the Pentagon as “the most advanced destroyer in history — a silver bullet of stealth”, has been described by Admiral Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations, as the “future” of the military, especially when addressing America’s growing political concern with China. The DDG 1000’s “ability to carry out missions both on the high seas and in shallows closer to shore [the warship is able to navigate in waters as shallow as 30 feet] is especially important in Asia because of the region’s many island nations and China’s long Pacific coast”.

Below is an illustration of the impressive warship and the innovative technology that makes it so deadly:

For a precise list of what Raytheon (the organization behind the warship’s impressive technology) considers the top 10 most critical aspects of the ship, take a look at the list found on their website.

Is the presence of an expensive fleet of super-stealth destroyers worth the $3 billion dollars needed to achieve it?
Will the DDG 1000 revolutionize how we conduct war?
Will it change the U.S.’ relationship with China?

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