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They’re Making An Underwater Hotel In Fiji


The Poseidon Undersea Resort, a five-star luxury hotel, is being developed in Fiji. We’ve got Sky City, we’re working on a Mars Colony, and yet we still haven’t completely tapped into what’s in our dang oceans. Let’s take a look at this underwater hotel.

First up, your suites are all in plexiglass detachable pods, that, should something go wrong, can shoot your suite out to safety. For $15,000 a week per person, you’ll be able to live completely underwater in the lap of luxury.

The pods look like this:

Son of a gun, that looks damn classy.

But of course, there’s the eternal question: Where is the bar?!

Oh, there it is:

You know, the longer I look at this, the more I start to think, that, uh… a certain video game might actually have been a little prophetic. Just wait until we start developing a drug that gives you strange powers. All I’m saying is that sooner or later, people are going to be all, “screw it, we’re going to the water.” And then all hell’s going to break loose.

Gaze ye upon your future and despair, mortal. A slave obeys. That’s right. Rapture’s gonna be a real thing and you’re just going to have to deal with that.

But seriously, I want to live underwater. And on the Mars colony. Sky City I can do without.

Question: Who wins? Mars colony, Sky City or Poseidon Undersea Resort?