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Three Dead in Oregon Shooting; Suspect Named

Police and emergency vehicles surround the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall in Portland

Three people are dead after a gunman walked into a crowded mall in Oregon with an AR-15 and shot up the place, killing two before killing himself like the coward he was.

No one’s been able to find a motive, but police officials were able to name the shooter as Jacob Tyler Roberts. He was dressed in a load bearing vest and mask, and screamed what people believe was “I am the shooter,” before taking his rifle and firing indiscriminately.

Two were fatally injured, and a third remains in serious condition.

The load bearing vest was frequently mistaken for being a bullet proof vest. A load bearing vest is made to help with carrying heavier weaponry.

At 1.4 million square feet large, the mall is one of the largest in the country, to the point that some customers were watching news coverage of their own shooting while they were stuck in the mall’s Sears outlet.¬†Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said the shooter didn’t appear to be targeting anyone in particular when he entered the Clackamas Town Center on Tuesday and fired as many as 60 shots.

Many children were at the mall, compounding the difficulties in evacuating, as parents were unable to wrangle multiple children that quickly.

The mall is to remain closed while investigators look into what just happened that day. No motive has been established, but the police are adamant that Roberts acted alone and there are no other shooters at large.