Tigers Are Adorable Even When They Attack



Look at him, tigers is so adorable! Did you look? Look again! He wants to cuddle!

Tigers are just plain cute, I don’t care what you say!

So they may be the largest cats on Earth weighing in around 607 lbs, but look at those paws. Would those cute little paws maul you to death?

Well, the zookeepers at Longleat Safari Park in England asked that same question. They probably worded the question better but you get the point.

Basically they wanted to know what it would look like if the tigers finally turned on their captors, so they built snowmen with cameras hidden in and around them.

Sit back and enjoy the little kitties play in the snow.


See! Nothing to be afraid of, but how do you guys feel?


How many of you would keep a tiger as a pet?