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Time-Lapse Video Map Of Every Nuclear Explosion In The World



Yeah, so nuclear weapons are still a real thing that we don’t really think about. And while only once — well, technically twice — has anyone ever officially dropped a nuke on someone in the history of the world, there have been test  explosions galore in our history. This video shows every nuclear explosion and their locations since 1945 and going to 1998.

The video starts slow enough — the original is almost 15 minutes long, I figured I’d give you the sped up version — but once you get to the 1950s, it starts going batshit insane.

“How many explosions?” you might be asking. Maybe like, y’know, ten per country? That’s a lot, right?

2,053. Two Thousand and Fifty-Three nuclear explosions. Yeah. Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto, who probably has a bit of a personal stake or at least a closer historical perspective on the topic, went out and created this video above. He was interviewed in 2010 and said he set out to do this to show the “folly of nuclear weapons.”

Nevada is probably glowing at this point. The Pacific Ocean? Mutant squids.

The old Soviet Bloc doesn’t need to worry about irradiated apples — because all of them are. After 1963, when the Partial Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty went into effect, most of the explosions were underground. A couple had some nuclear fallout leaks.

As far as nuclear explosions going on underground, those are probably kept a little more under wraps. At least, we don’t have as extensive of information there as we do in the more-likely-to-be-declassified explosions.

And then there’s France and China, who didn’t sign the Partial Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. They’re just, y’know, going buckwild, still.

Question: So, uh, we’re all gonna die, right?