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Trailer For Netflix’s House Of Cards


Netflix has been making indications that they’re going to be entering the original content game full speed, effectively declaring that their competition is not Hulu or YouTube, but HBO and Showtime. They’ve now released their trailer of House of Cards, an original series starring Kevin Spacey and developed by Spacey and David Fincher.

The last time Fincher and Spacey teamed up, they gave us one of the most frightening villains of all time in Se7en’s John Doe. This time around, our villain of House of Cards is equally terrifying, but in a much different way. The series was developed from a well-loved BBC series, and Fincher has placed his particular brand of tension on the Americanized version.

Spacey plays Frank Underwood, a member of the House of Representatives who makes the term “power broker” seem quaint. Promised by the President that he would become Secretary of State — which he plans on letting that lead into a White House run — when he’s blindsided by a political rival for the job, he begins a campaign of dirty tricks to seize power.

I haven’t really seen Kevin Spacey lately. I know he’s done some things, but for a while after American Beauty, his selections hadn’t been completely on target. Moon is an exception. (Effin’ love Moon.)

Anyway, this move has been anticipated for some time since Netflix made it clear that they weren’t going to simply be an online film and TV regurgitator. They wanted to make their  own stuff, and put $100 Million into House of Cards. Not long after that, they acquired the fourth season of long-canceled Arrested Development. 

House of Cards will be released on February 1st in its thirteen-hour entirety on Netflix Instant Watch.

Question: What do you think of Netflix’s moves to get into the original content game?