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Follow Up On What’s Happening In Kiev

UPDATE: Today things have escalated even more in Kiev. At least 26 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in the worst violence in Ukraine’s post-Soviet history, according to the country’s health ministry, which says the dead include 10 police officers and a journalist. Then this happened:


If you watched the live stream, and saw the fires burning throughout the night, this is what Kiev looks like in the dawn of a new day.

We have more in-depth coverage of the situation here and here.

Last time we covered this, demonstrations in Kiev were getting out of control, leading to injuries and a few deaths. Now, the dispute that started over relations with Russia and the rest of the European Union has escalated into a violent riot. The whole city looks to be burning to the ground.

Here’s a live stream of coverage from Ukraine – be warned, these are not peaceful images, and some of this is quite unsettling. For me, it’s the music in the background, like people would play when they’re working on their car. I couldn’t handle that for more than a few minutes.