Vote on the New Monopoly Pieces?!

Monopoly Pieces

Hasbro is holding a contest to find out which Monopoly piece is out, soon to be replaced by a brand new piece.

The family board game has been around for nearly eight decades and has changed several times over the years. The original version of the game included a purse, lantern, cannon and rocking horse.

In the 1950’s a horse and rider token was in play, and during WWII metal tokes were replaced by wooden tokens.

This will be the first time however, that players will have a say .

Think that the iron token is a little outdated? Why not turn it into a little kitten or a helicopter?¬†Beginning Tuesday you’ll be able to make your voice heard, as Facebook fans of Monopoly can vote on which piece is eliminated and which one gets tagged in.¬†

Up for elimination is of course, the iron, the battleship, the racecar, the Scottie dog, the shoe, thimble, top hat, and wheelbarrow. These tokens were mostly introduced in 1935, with the dog and wheelbarrow being added in the early 1950’s. You can choose to vote in a robot, helicopter, kitten, diamond ring, or guitar.

A special $17.99 limited edition of the game called Golden Ticket will be available in Target stores beginning February 15th with golden versions of both the old and new tokens.

The voting for the old and new tokens end on February 5th.


Which token do you think deserves the boot and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. the iron for sure. what kind of symbology is an iron anyway?!

  2. Rich Hilborn says:

    Not the thimble! I use that every time!

  3. sidal714 says:

    a Silver Penis

  4. Matt Ritter says:

    No Link to voting? I am disappoint……and lazy.

  5. Cooper Carr says:

    I want the robot to win! And you guys should put up a link. I mean shiiiit I have to open a whole new tab. Don’t you know how BUSY I AM! ?

  6. Becky Cupit says:

    When I was a kid, I always just stuck the thimble on my pinky while I played. It was sort of my good luck charm. Scottie dog was always my favorite to play though :)
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a guitar or robot added to the game.

  7. Wheel Barrel,
    its ugly
    no one uses it, ever

  8. Since they didn’t post the voting page I’ll do it for them.

  9. Tyler J Thys says:

    I’m down with either the robot or helicopter winning. I’ll still play as the thimble though. They better not get right of the thimble!!!

  10. Chris Topher says:

    I am always the top hat

  11. Ricky Shoemaker says:

    Cat should win ’cause CATS.

  12. Patrick says:

    Battleship must stay, EVERYONE uses it.
    The robot will be cool if voted in

  13. Tommygund says:

    If the Top Hat goes, I’m done. Just… done.

  14. Racecar can not lose. Use him every time. Battleship is the one I use next and 3rd is cannon

  15. Kenneth Blocher says:

    I’ll just grab a peaice from one my other boards if I really need it…

  16. I always just grab the Green Goblin piece out of my monopoly when I play with the normal version anyways.