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We’re Getting A New Dinosaur, You Guys


So, scientists discovered a new dinosaur. He eats meat, he’s like forty-feet tall, and walks on two legs. He’s a beast rivaling that of the venerable Tyrannosaurus Rex. And he’s got a killer name.

Paleontologists got just a bit of skull bone, including the eye socket, and decided to call it Sauroniops pachytholus, which is Greek for “Eye of Sauron,” because of course it is.

About 95 million years ago, The Sauroniops roamed Northern Africa, probably whooping ass however it saw fit. The bone was discovered in Morocco in 2007, where it probably shredded velociraptors Spinosaurs to its terrifying heart’s content.

Of course, they don’t have much to go on, so the size and shape are general estimates. They did find a bump on the skull bone, suggesting maybe it also was a headbutter. The headbutting, they theorized, was for male mating displays. Which, I don’t know, seems like if you’re headbutting your mate, you’re probably… oh, you mean they were talking about male competition for a mate? Okay, that makes more sense.

Paleontologists also suggested that the dinosaur lived on the banks of deltas, eating fish and crocodiles. Oh, you know, just having a couple of crocs for lunch, no big deal.

Question: New dinosaur? New dinosaur! What do you think is the best dinosaur?