Workout Systems Roundup!

We’re going to be eating a bunch this week. You know it, I know it. So let’s take a look at some workout systems that can tone up that disgusting husk you/I call a body. Yes, I’m projecting. I should get into a gym, or at least buy a Kinect and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Up above, we have Timothy Ferriss, creator of Four Hour Body, which his site calls “an uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss.” Debuting #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, people have been jumping on that system and working to lose that weight.

We already get a good dose of that in the video, so I’ll dig into a couple of other options.

The most obvious one is P90X, which has been used to great effect by Paul Ryan. Whether you voted for his ticket or not, I think it’s safe to say that his chosen workout regimen produces results. Both Ryan’s father and grandfather died at a young age, so there’s a personal connection to his own fitness. He’s also leading exercise classes within the House of Representatives.

Having tried it, I can say that it will definitely tone you up. I don’t have the patience for it, personally, because I’m a lazy sack of lazy, but the routine works well. Tony Horton is goofy, but he’s entertaining and self-depricating and while he takes the workout seriously, he doesn’t really take himself as such. But the workout and nutritional guides are reasonable enough. The downside is the 90-day commitment. You’ll have to be way serious about that.

TRX utilizes suspension training, which is just another way of saying resistance training. You’re working out against your own body weight, and using their suspension trainer to hook to your door. It’s a little more involved than P90X — though they do have options for resistance training and seem to suggest that you should use that.

So, there you go. After you eat up on Thanksgiving, get to work with one of these three options! Or, y’know, just go do it yourself. Or, like me, think about it for hours and then go to sleep when you’re tired of all that thinking.

Question: I’m sure I’m missing some workout regimens — what do you use? 

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