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World War Z Official Trailer Released!

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World War Z Official Trailer Released – The 1st official trailer for the upcoming post apocalyptic zombie flick was released Thursday night.

The much anticipated World War Z trailer was released yesterday, and it is a great improvement compared to the teaser released earlier this week on Entertainment Tonight. The teaser was really just a compilation of some of the best action scenes, but the trailer shows more of the storyline of the new movie.

The trailer introduces Brad Pitt’s character, a UN employee, and his family trying to escape the zombie outbreak in New York City. After escaping to a nearby rooftop, a helicopter arrives to rescue Pitt’s family followed by an epic shot of Pitt leaping off the roof to reach the helicopter.

With panoramic shots of New York in flames and swarms of zombies trampling each other, this trailer seems to be living up to some of my personal expectation, but honestly I haven’t read the book.

From friends that I have spoken to that have read it they were curious how they were going to tell the story from a single character’s point of view, but I have a feeling this film can live up to the legacy of the novel.


What are your thoughts on the new trailer and do you think the swarms of zombies seem a little silly?