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Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian Forced To Leave Home After Serious Rape and Murder Threats

Anita Sarkeesian Forced To Leave Home After Serious Rape and Murder Threats

Feminist Frequency host Anita Sarkeesian was forced to go off the radar after a twitter user threatened to rape and murder her as a result of her recent video released (see above) studying ‘Women used as Decoration’ in gaming.


Twitch Streamer ‘Swatted’ While Broadcasting!

Twitch streamer Kootra was the butt of a very bad practical joke when someone ‘swatted’ the popular gamer.


Josh Shaw Lied About Saving His Nephew

From BAMF of the Day to Douche Bag of the Day in just 48 hours, Josh Shaw admitted that his story about saving his nephew from drowning was a lie.


Hatred Prevails When Son Reveals To Parents He’s Gay

This heartbreaking video chronicles how some parents will let their hatred overrule the love they may have for their son.


Anaconda Gets the Fart Remix You’ve Been Waiting For

The recent ‘Anaconda’ video from Nicki Minaj focuses all on the booty, so of course, someone created a fart remix.


9 Year-Old Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor With Uzi

A 9 year-old girl accidentally shot and killer her shooting instructor with an automatic Uzi.


Spanish Retailer in Hot Water Over Anti-Semitic T-Shirt Design For Children

Spanish clothing retailer Zara is apologizing after putting up a children’s shirt that resembled a Nazi concentration camp uniform.


10 American Accents in Two Minutes – Nailed It!

This man is one of the best dialect coaches in the UK! Stand back and be blown away by his expertise!


Was the Sofia Vergara Moment On The Emmy Awards Sexist?

During last night’s Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara was brought out on stage, and placed on a spinning platform while the President of the Academy gave a boring speech.

Taser Photoshoot

Photographer Tases Models?!

Photographer Patrick Hall gathered a group of people and filmed them as he tased them with a handheld stun gun!


This Guy Made A Kegel Exercise Game…No, I’m not Kidding

Ladies, do you need help doing kegels? Well, this guy has got you covered!

Boob Aid

Japan Does AIDS Campaigning The Weirdest Way It Knows How

A charity effort in Japan has decided to take another road to rake in donations for AIDS research by offering up the breasts of Japanese pornstars in exchange for donations.