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Woman Scarfs Down 2, 72 oz. Steak Dinners in Just 15 Minutes

Woman Scarfs Down 2, 72 oz. Steak Dinners in Just 15 Minutes

We’ve talked Molly Schuyler before, and she’s back! This time she takes on two enormous steaks and their sides and eats them in just 15 minutes flat.


89 Year-Old BAMF Kicks Robber’s Ass with Golf Club!

A masked robber in Washington may have gotten away with the cash register, but definitely lost his dignity after getting his butt handed to him by a sweet little old lady!


What the Hell Did They Do to Mario?!

This Japanese car commercial has turned Mario of the Mario Bros. into something strange and confusing.


Facebook Is Listening to You?!

Facebook has announced a new feature of its app that will automatically identify music and TV shows playing in the background while you’re writing a status update. Cue all that accidental porn posts here.


The Ultimate Crossfit Fail Compilation has Arrived!

There’s nothing more painful to watch then people failing when performing some kind of exercise!

One Direction

One Direction Caught on Leaked Video Smoking Weed

Wait, a boy band was caught doing illegal drugs in another country? Color me shocked and surprised!


50 Cent Should Not Quit His Day Job!

Let’s hope 50 Cent doesn’t aspire to the dream of being in major league ball because this was pitch was so bad, babies cried and mothers screamed at the sight of it.

Gonewild Legos (13)

Someone Took R/Gonewild Comments and Lego-fied Them!

Reddit User ICanLegoThat took up the challenge of creating small lego scenes from Reddit’s infamous r/gonewild comment section, and they’re fantastic (and SFW!)

Mayweather TI

Floyd Mayweather and T.I. Duke It Out at Fatburger?!

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper T.I. got into a massive fight at a Fatburger in Las Vegas that resulted in an employee being slashed in the process.


Macaulay Culkin Booed Offstage in England!

Pro-Tip: If you’re in Nottingham, England saying “Hello Cleveland” might set the wrong tone for the night, but hey it’s your show man.


Violins Aren’t Allowed on U.S. Airways?!

A pair of violinists were told they couldn’t bring their instruments on board a U.S. Airways flight, and were subsequently left on the tarmac as a result!

John All

Professor Trapped in Himalaya’s Records His Escape!

Western University Professor John All plumetted 70 feet into an ice crevasse that would have taken his life if not for his lucky landing on a ledge. Then with a broken arm and against all odds, All escaped and even recorded the process! The 44 year-old professor thought he had no hope being rescued, and