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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Releases Yet Another Adult Video

Farrah Abraham Releases Yet Another Adult Video

UPDATE: The video is now officially available for mass consumption….ew. Perfect for Valentine’s day, Vivid is set to release a sequel to Farrah Abraham’s first adult video, and the trailer for it released today. According to reports, Abraham didn’t approve the sequel which is apparently comprised of extra footage from her first ‘sex tape’. Abraham’s

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Stephanie Seymore Does Disturbing Photo Shoot with Sons

Model and actress Stephanie Seymore and her sons did a photo shoot Harper’s Bazaar magazine that crosses the threshold of incredibly creepy. The photos feature Seymore and her two sons who are 20, and 17 years old. In the interview that accompanied the…risque photos she tells the magazine that both of her sons were into


Suicide Bomb Trainer Takes Out Himself and Entire Class

A suicide bomb trainer made the biggest mistake when teaching his class, and for lack of a better way of putting this, it blew up in his face. Just days after bombings killed 16 people in Baghdad, 22 people were killed in a demonstration when a commander training a group of suicide bombers accidentally used

Dwayne Ferguson

Community Activist Arrested For Having Gun in School

Dwayne Ferguson advocated to make carrying a gun onto school a felony, then he was arrested…for carrying a gun onto school property. Ferguson sparked an hours-long lockdown at Harvey Austin Elementary School, after an anonymous call came notifying staff that someone has entered the school with a gun. Around that time, police received two calls


Vintage Valentines Creep Factor

Is it me, or are these the things of nightmares? Modern Valentines are usually filled with hearts and love and rainbows and sunshine and all things red and wonderful… and then you have these… What even… Like seriously… What?! Oh but wait… there’s more. Yes, MORE… I guess if you’re into the whole demonic looking

Mile High Fail

Woman Arrested for Failed Mile-High Club Attempt

A woman was arrested and thrown off a Delta Airlines flight after she became aggressive with the man she was seated next to for refusing to join the mile-high club with her. The woman reportedly screamed that she would “f**king kill” the guy for turning her down. On top of that, she was belligerently drunk

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Fans Threaten Death for Creator

Nguyen Ha Dong’s insanely popular app ‘Flappy Bird’ became too much for the creator to handle, but when he opted to delete it, the internet lashed out in ways that only the internet does. Flappy Bird’s frustrating gameplay skyrocketed it to the top of mobile app store’s charts, and was pulling in $50,000 a day


The Worst Song Ever Created In The History of Music

There’s been an ongoing competition here at SourceFed to find the worst song ever created. We’ve had some strong contenders, but aside from Rebecca Black, this is the first time we’ve ever seen a music video like this come from the U.S. It’s the most atrocious thing I’ve heard in years, and most of us

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Riot Policeman Sprays Tear Gas on Nonviolent Students!

Oh look, another policeman being a complete d-bag. This time, it’s a riot policeman. He’s at what looks to be a high school in Bosnia, which leads me to believe there were some unruly students. I don’t know what’s being said, but one of the policemen on his way out turns around, runs back and

Secrets of South America

Venezuelan Pageant Stars Sew Mesh On Their Tongues!

TRIGGER WARNING! Okay, first off: A BBC3 documentary series titled, “Extreme Beauty Queens” tells all about the Venezuelan pageant society. You think watching Honey Boo Boo is depressing, wait until you see what these young women do to themselves to achieve beauty. The most revolting thing to me is the idea of “mathematical beauty”, based