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Sex Ed

According to Parents, This Sex Ed Book Has Too Much Sex

According to Parents, This Sex Ed Book Has Too Much Sex

After fighting it for months, a San Jose school board voted to purchase a sex education book that talks about masturbation, foreplay and erotic touch, among other sexual education topics.


Police Allegedly Shoot and Kill Unarmed Teen, Riots Ensue

Witnesses of a shooting in Ferguson, Missouri claim that police officers shot and unarmed killed 17 year-old Mike Brown.


Real Life Super Smash Bros. Tournament?!

These guys dressed up as Super Smash Bros characters and beat each other up! Why is this a thing?!


Man Tries To Get Prostitutes To Pay Him!

One of the guys at Whatever decided to prank European prostitutes in an attempt to get them to pay him for his services!

Grilled Cheeses

Drunk Meals Are Sometimes The Best Meals

“You’re going to be so mad in the morning that I recorded this” says the husband behind the camera who not only recorded his wife’s drunken cooking antics, but posted it to YouTube!


This Guy On Chatroulette Is Not Doing What You Think He Is!

A Russian man took to Chatroulette and pranked several users into thinking he was doing something far more nefarious than his actual activity!


Man Struck By Lightning, Catches It On Video

Robb Montejano thought it would be a good idea to stand in a field and try to record some lightning. He got a little more than he bargained for!

Union Street

Hotel Charges $500 Fee for Bad Reviews?!

The Union Street Guest House in Hudson, NY has become the new target for trolls on Yelp! after it was reported that the hotel was threatening to charge guests a $500 fee for giving them bad reviews.

Jet skis

Horrifying Jet Ski Accident Caught on Camera

An accident of two jet skis colliding was caught on camera!

Pornless Porn

It’s Porn Without All The Porn! [SNSFW]

Porn can be so distracting with all that sex in it, but fear not! A hero has saved us all from those scenes and brings us ‘Not the Wizard of Oz’ the way it was meant to be viewed!