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Bounce By The Ounce Needs A New Promo Team

Bounce By The Ounce Needs A New Promo Team

Upon watching this video it has dawned upon me that now everyone is going to visit this club just to see if it is really like its portrayal!

Justin Bieber Poop Face (16)

Justin Bieber is Always Pooping!

Say what you will about Bieber, whenever he attempts to make a contemplative face, he looks like he’s doing a #2!


Viner Nash Grier Homophobic or Dumb?

Vine star and YouTuber Nash Grier posted a vine video that can be categorized as hateful and homophobic. However, some are defending the 16 year-old citing the ‘he’s young and dumb’ argument.


Heads Up, The TSA is about to Make Travel Harder

If you happen to be doing any travelling on a plane, prepare yourself because the TSA is rolling out some new changes that will make travelling harder and more expensive.


Air New Zealand Removes Sexy Airline Safety Video

After several calls of sexism, the airline has removed their sexy airline safety video featuring bikini clad ladies!


Bodypainted Girl Turns Heads in Denmark!

If you’re are at work, it’s probably best to save this video for later as it involves a very beautiful girl wearing nothing but paint!


Spend A Day With New York’s Youngest Truffle Dealer

Truffles are extremely rare and are as expensive as some illegal drugs, so what is like dealing in something that’s legal but is also highly valued in the food world?


This is Why You Need To Lock Your Doors When You Drive!

This UK prankster illustrate exactly why you should lock your car doors when you’re driving, and get some amazing reactions in the process!

World Star

When Acting ‘Hard’ Goes Horribly Awry

I never really understood the ‘come at bro’ thing, since 90% of the time when they do, the person can’t handle it.


What Is This?! I Don’t Even…

The video is simply titled ‘Wubbing’, is slightly/maybe not-safe-for-work, and is definitely part of the weird part of YouTube!


19 Year-Old Big Game Hunter Angers The Internet

19 year-old Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones has sparked outrage and anger by posting images of herself trophy hunting in Africa.

Neverland Ranch (1)

What Neverland Ranch Looks Like Now

Vice caught up with some photographers who have been urban exploring in Michael Jackson’s abandoned Neverland Ranch.

4Chan (9)

4Chan Trolls DiGiorno!

DiGiorno may have gotten more than what they bargained for when they opened the door to fans to make custom pizza designs!