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Bieber Again

More Justin Bieber Racist Footage Released

More Justin Bieber Racist Footage Released

TMZ released another video of an even younger Justin Bieber singing a parody of his song ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ replacing the word girl with the n-word.

Robbery Gunpoint

Crazy Video As Man is Robbed at Gunpoint!

A mountain biker was riding along when he was approached by multiple men and robbed at gunpoint. Fortunately for him, they didn’t take the helmet camera that caught the whole incident on video!


Drunk Pregnant Girl Prank?!

The brilliant minds over at Whatever thought it would be neat to trick people into thinking a pregnant girl was getting wasted poolside!

Awful Woman

Douche Bag of the Day: Racist Woman Caught On Camera

The gentleman recording the video got into his car, and the loud noise it made scared this woman’s child. Her response? To call him a horrible racist name, and call her husband to come assault him.


Jonah Hill is Sorry for Homophobic Slur Yelled at Paparazzi

UPDATE: Jonah Hill talking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about the homophobic slur controversy.


This Bride Actually Attached Her Newborn Daughter to Her Dress?!

You read that right, Shona Carter-Brooks had her 1-month old baby, Aubrey, attached to the train of her wedding dress and dragged her down the aisle!

Racist Bieber

Justin Bieber Racist?!

Justin Bieber told a racist joke when he was 15 that was caught on video, and now people are calling him racist.


Woman Scarfs Down 2, 72 oz. Steak Dinners in Just 15 Minutes

We’ve talked Molly Schuyler before, and she’s back! This time she takes on two enormous steaks and their sides and eats them in just 15 minutes flat.


89 Year-Old BAMF Kicks Robber’s Ass with Golf Club!

A masked robber in Washington may have gotten away with the cash register, but definitely lost his dignity after getting his butt handed to him by a sweet little old lady!


What the Hell Did They Do to Mario?!

This Japanese car commercial has turned Mario of the Mario Bros. into something strange and confusing.


Facebook Is Listening to You?!

Facebook has announced a new feature of its app that will automatically identify music and TV shows playing in the background while you’re writing a status update. Cue all that accidental porn posts here.


The Ultimate Crossfit Fail Compilation has Arrived!

There’s nothing more painful to watch then people failing when performing some kind of exercise!