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X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment


X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment

Microsoft is unleashing it’s SmartGlass app for the X-Box 360 this Friday. The free app acts as a tether for all of your mobile devices, syncing them to your X-Box 360 seamlessly and making communication between them a breeze.

Smartglass is being released by Redmond alongside with Windows 8, and essentially turns turns your mobile device into a “second smart screen” for your X-Box. For example, you could begin watching a TV show or movie on your tablet and then send it to the X-Box and pick up where you left off. There is little to no time lost while switching from one device to another either. It’ll also pull up the names of actors on screen or find related content you might be interested in watching.

For gamers, the second screen makes it easier to cue up music while you’re playing Dance Central 3 or see more detailed stats while playing Halo 4. If you’re into sports, you can stream real time stats, player biographies, and even highlights from the game that you might have missed. Music lovers like myself will be able to pull up artist information while listening to their music and the screen will recommend artists based on who you happen to be listening to at the time.

For web browsing the native keyboard on your device can be used to enter data quickly into the web browser, and you can use gestures to navigate the screen more efficiently.


Nation, Are you excited for Smartglass? What feature do you think you’ll be utilizing the most?