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XBox SmartGlass Now Available for iOS


The XBox Smartglass app that launched on the Andoid over a week ago is now available for iOS.

iPhone and iPad users can now get their Smartglass on and control their XBox consoles with even more ease than before. Technically the app is just an update of the pre-existing XBox live app, but whatever the case may be users across several smart devices now have access.

XBox Smartglass acts as a tether for all of your mobile devices, syncing them to your X-Box 360 seamlessly and making communication easier than ever. It turns mobile devices into “secondary smart screens” where users can navigate their entertainment in the most flawless manner possible. However the app is not optimized for the iPhone 5.

So nation!

Are you excited that Smartglass is hitting the iOS platforms? Why or Why not? Let us know in the comments below!