With technology constantly increasing and benefitting what seems to be every aspect of life, it can be hard to keep up to date with everything that’s swirling around us. Whether you’re interested in the educational, entertainment based, medical, or business related products that seem to be constantly flowing because of the increase in technology, it seems that we as a society seem to be moving at an accelerated rate towards betterment. With the medical field in mind, there always seem to be different inventions and progressive ideologies that are developed and implemented into our society. So, here are three advancements that I find intriguing in the medical field today.

CBD oil. 

This oil comes from the cannabis plant but doesn’t have the same effects as so many people think it does. This oil has become a focus of controversy as many people pin it together with the recreational drug, marijuana. However, they have very different purposes and effects. The drug in cannabis called THC is the chemical that promotes intoxication. Cannabis is known for its high THC level and that’s why so many people go after it for a high. However, CBD oil is limited in this regard. 

The THC level in these oils are lowered to .3%. This nullifies the intoxicating features and disallows the user to feel any kind of high. Through technology we can actually change the chemical compounds of this drug to keep the features that we want and get rid of the ones that we don’t. What is kept is a depressant. But not in a bad way. These oils will help to relax the body, muscles, and mind for those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It will help them to function in life without having to get a high! There is CBD oil for sale all over the place now! If it can help you, give it a shot! If you’re looking on the other side of the spectrum and need something to give you more energy rather than take it away, I would recommend Bali Kratom. Not many technological advancements there but it might help you.

Robotic appendages controlled neurally. 

We are almost to the point where prosthetic limbs will be able to be controlled through neural pathways. Sensors are hooked to the brain and the subject is able to move the prosthetic through thinking about it. This could redefine prosthetics and robots entirely.

3D printing organs. 

This is a semi-controversial topic. However, as 3D printing has increased, there has been a lot of research that has gone into organic printing. Although we haven’t had any successes yet, we are trying to use organic materials and matter to create organs that can be printed on site and accepted by the host. This would allow us to save incredible amounts of lives if hearts, livers, kidneys, or lungs were ever to fail. If we can improve our technology to this point, it would flip the world on its head.