3 Reasons to Pursue a Liberal Arts Degree

    When you complete high school, there are a number of paths open for your future. If you decide to pursue your college education, you might be contemplating the type of degree to go for. There are benefits to attending conservatories and trade schools, but in today’s job market, many employers encourage getting a liberal arts degree. With a liberal arts education, you take classes in all areas and can pursue a wide number of topics. Anything from literature to theatre to history to teaching can be studied at a liberal arts university. Most of these fields also require a set of core-subject classes to be taken to maintain knowledge in subjects that vary from your own concentration. With a liberal arts degree, you will gain flexibility in your post-graduate life, receive a more affordable education, and develop a sense of curiosity that will lead you on a path toward lifelong learning.

    Post-Grad Flexibility

    According to a recent study, only 27% of college graduates end up working in the field they majored in. Having a background in the liberal arts gives you that sense of flexibility in your future job. As we know, some degrees are incredibly specific like nursing or social studies education, but other degrees such as communications or marketing can take you down several different job paths. With a degree in the liberal arts, you gain skills in your field accompanied by soft skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and more. Employers state that these are the things they look for most in job applications and during interviews.

    When it boils down to it, a liberal arts degree offers freedom. Through most jobs, you learn the majority of what you need to know by working on-site. Not to mention individuals who go on to create their own business like Premier Glow to sell fun light up products and party accessories. In cases like this business, you can even get started while pursuing your degree. Having an open degree where you also learned other skills and areas literally opens the door to your future, and a bright one at that.


    While a four year college may seem expensive, there are actually ways you can receive a liberal arts degree in an affordable way. There are plenty of online liberal arts degree programs where you can continue a steady work schedule while attending school remotely and online. Oftentimes, obtaining a degree through an online program allows even more flexibility and can be affordable since you won’t have to pay for room and board.

    If online education isn’t what you are interested in, there are plenty of other affordable ways to attend school. Many of these liberal arts universities, especially public schools, offer financial aid. As an in-state student, you also pay a lower tuition than those choosing your university from a different state. There certainly are expensive schools out there, but if you are smart about your decision, you can find a way to earn a degree without going into a huge amount of debt.

    A Curiosity for All Things Will Aid You in Your Future Job

    One of the biggest perks of a liberal arts degree is not necessarily what you learn, but how you learn it. Your skills won’t stop at how to act Shakespeare or teach a room of 3rd graders as your degree says, but you will also know how to write, research, collaborate, and create in new and improved ways. These philosophies help make you a life long learner which directly translates to being a more creative worker and a natural leader. Not only will you be passionate about your specific field, but you may find other ideas and studies interesting and enlightening for your future path. This overall energy for different fields and environments will help you gain real life experience and become incredibly successful in whatever job you do.