3 Reasons To Switch From Plastic Credit and Debit Cards Into Metal Cards With SwipeSkins

Credit and debit cards are experiencing a transformation. Worldwide, many people around the world are developing a preference for metal cards. In recent years, metal cards have become increasingly popular among cardholders. Having a metal card is always associated with prestige.

Metal cards emanate an aura of luxury. Some people use metal cards to see the awe and amazement of other people after seeing metal cards. In the not-so-distant past, metal cards were payment tools exclusive for elite members of society. Today, it is no longer confined to the elite. Professionals, celebrities, and athletes can now acquire metal cards for their payment transactions. 

Andre and Christian, founders of SwipeSkins, are aware of how metal cards are getting a solid position in the market. SwipeSkins is a company that helps transform dull plastic credit and debit cards into elegant, durable metal cards. The founders of SwipeSkins shared the three reasons why cardholders should switch from plastic credit and debit cards to metal cards.

Instant Networking

Andre said that owners of metal cards will always be perceived as highly respected individuals. As mentioned earlier, metal cards exude a feeling of prestige. “Amazingly, your metal card can transform how other people see you,” he added.

“For instance, you went out for dinner and paid your bill with your metal card. When people see your card, that is an instant conversation. They will start asking you what you do for a living or do you have a car. Where did you get that card? Do you have a business? You got a new acquaintance – instant networking. And you only pull out your metal card,” Andre said.

Andre and Christian shared the story of one of their clients. “We have a client who is a realtor. He went out for dinner in a restaurant. He put his metal card on the table. When the server came, she looked at his metal card with awe. She started asking the realtor what he does for a living and how did he acquire a metal card,” Andre narrated.

“Our client did not know the server, but his metal card sparked the conversation. He found out that the server was looking for a house in the market. He ended up with a new client and closing a deal with the server a week later,” Andre shared.

More Durable Than Plastic

“Durability is what separates metal from plastics. No argument is needed. Metal is king whenever we talk about durability. How often have you visited a bank to replace your credit or debit card? If you are using a plastic credit or debit card, you will be more likely to replace it even before its expiration date,” Andre said.

Plastic credit or debit cards can bend or snap easily. “You might have experienced that you put your card on your wallet, and you accidentally sit on your wallet. Chances are your card will be bent or broken,” Andre said. He continued that information written in your card, such as the card number, might fade over time. In some cases, the embedded chip can get scratched up and it will no longer function well. “Consequently, you will need to visit the bank and request for a replacement, which means hassle and inconvenience for busy people,” he added.

“If you do not want to solve durability issues with your plastic credit or debit card, the best solution would be converting your card into metal cards,” Andre asserted.

Easier To Clean

“It is essential to understand that with the COVID situation, people around the world are more concerned about cleanliness than anything else. Therefore, sanitizing everyday items is the new norm to keep people safe from the pandemic,” Christian.

Christian said that plastic credit and debit cards could never beat metal cards when it comes to sanitization. Sanitization is the main differentiator between pocket and metal cards. “If you disinfect a plastic credit and debit card with rubbing alcohol, you will worry about what might come off your card. But plastic credit and debit cards can hold a lot of dirt and germs. And it is alarming to think about it considering that present concern on COVID-19,” Andre said.

Andre remarked that metal cards are easier to clean than plastic credit and debit cards. “You can kill 99.99% of germs on your metal card by wiping it with rubbing alcohol,” he said. He added that it is among the reasons why banks and consumers, especially those in Asia, love SwipeSkins’ metal cards.

How To Process Your Metal Card?

Christian explained that they follow a simple process of transforming plastic credit and debit cards into long-lasting metal cards. “When a client’s card arrives at their office, we will pull up the approved design and laser the metal card. We have a quick turnaround time,” he said. He added that they knew that their clients need their cards for everyday transactions. SwipeSkins do not want to have their clients’ cards in their possession for an extended period.

“Our client will finalize the payment and email our team for his order. Then, we contact our graphic designer once the client sends the specific design ideas. After that, our graphic designers will work on it until the client approves the design to move to the next phase. Usually, it only takes 30 minutes or less to get the design approved,” Christian noted. 

SwipeSkins ensures that everything will get done within 24 hours. Christian said that they could ship the metal card on the same day. “We have exclusive contracts with logistics companies to allow us to deliver your metal card within one or two business days anywhere in the world. Apart from Australia, wherein delivery could take up to four days,” he continued.

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