3 Reasons Why Moving Down South Could Be Good for Your Health

    The process of moving can be a difficult one, even if you already have an idea of the place you want to call your new home. You need to make sure that the location you move to will have a positive impact on your health. This can be determined by the opportunities available that allow you to improve your life physically, emotionally, and financially.

    If you live in the Northeast or Midwest, you’ll be happy to know that moving to the South comes with major benefits to your well-being. There are a variety of spots for getting into better shape and enjoying the outdoors. Plus, the living and working conditions allow for more financial security that removes stress. Here are three reasons why moving to the South will lead to a longer, happier life.

    Being Active in Great Weather

    If you’re looking to escape the cold of you current home town, then the South is full of states that guarantee sunny afternoons and warm weather for just about every day. The worst weather conditions that you’ll experience in states like Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida are cloudy skies and rainstorms. Weather has been proven to have an effect on our mood, so living in a place where it’s constantly cloudy, dark, and cold can have a negative impact on happiness, as well as physical strength and balance. On the other hand, living where it’s mostly sunny, such as Charleston, can lead to much more happiness on a regular basis. If that’s what you’re looking for, contact a Charleston moving company the first chance you get.

    Living where the sun is almost always out gives you the chance to get involved in activities that help you get a good workout and fresh air almost every day. There are places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast that serve as more than just fun spots for tourists. St. George Island, for example, has plenty of trails for hiking and biking so that you can improve your cardio under the sun. The beaches allow you to go swimming and kayaking to get into shape, and you can cool down in the refreshing water of the ocean.

    Lower Cost of Living

    Your health depends on more than just working out and eating healthful food. Stress plays a major role in being able to avoid long-term illnesses that can affect the heart and brain. One of the biggest contributors to stress is money troubles, and being able to afford to live in your home can lead to either a stressful or stress-less living situation. If you don’t have a high-paying job, it can be a challenge affording an apartment or house in northern cities like New York and Boston. Moving down south, however, will save you plenty of trouble living within a reasonable budget.

    Several spots in Georgia provide apartments, condos, and houses that you can rent for under $1,000 per month. Texas is full of towns that make property available with average annual mortgage payments of just over $2,000 and annual property taxes of $1,000, at most. These locations include Progreso, Kermit, and Pecos. If you can afford to live in places such as these, then you’ll be able to save money for going to the beach, mountains, downtown area, and other fun spots with friends and family. Getting rid of stress and replacing it with positive energy from these activities will guarantee a long, happy life.

    Career Opportunities

    Having a well-paying job has a long-term effect on your health by not only relieving you of the stress of affording a lifestyle, but increasing your ability to buy healthful food and take part in activities that help you get in shape. If finding a new job is your main focus for moving, then you’ll be happy to know that southern states such as Virginia, Florida, and Texas have shown to be among those that have the most career opportunities in the United States. This is due to a declining unemployment rate combined with an increasing future job growth over the past few years.

    Your chances of successfully recovering from cancer and other severe illnesses are much higher in southern states thanks to greater job opportunities. Florida, for example, is filled with a variety of career paths that residents can take, many of which are within the medical field. It will be easy to find a medical professional who can share facts about colon cancer so that you know how to reduce its effect as well as the chances of encountering it again after treatment. In case you plan to get involved in the medical field yourself, some of the highest paying jobs in the South include dentists, surgeons, and psychiatrists.

    Take these tips into consideration when deciding where to move so that your new home and neighborhood adds years to your life.