3 Tips for Finding a Wig That Matches Your Natural Hair

3 Tips for Finding a Wig That Matches Your Natural Hair

Wigs are effective in masking hair loss and dawning a new look. However, you want to appear as natural as possible, which means wearing a wig that matches your complexion and doesn’t make you look washed out. It’s also important to take into account how the hair will look after manipulation. Below are three tips for finding a wig that matches your natural hair.

  • Consider Wig Type

Wigs mainly come in two forms: human hair and synthetic options.

Human-Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are made of genuine human hair. They look and feel like natural hair, they have a lace-front cap construction, which gives them a more naturally looking hairline. These wigs are also versatile, allowing multiple-way styling and dyeing.

Furthermore, they are durable with regular washing and conditioning as you do with your natural hair. They are also comfortable for all-day wear and can withstand heat while cooking. The downside is that they cost much more than their synthetic counterparts and can be expensive to keep due to regular washing and conditioning.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are designed to look like natural hair-only that they aren’t. They are cheaper and require less maintenance than human hair wigs. They also come in different styles and shades, but unlike the human wigs, some have unnatural shine, making them appear synthetic at first glance.

Moreover, you cannot style them with hot tools or dye them like human hair wigs. And when it comes to cooking and other high-heat conditions, they aren’t the most comfortable to wear.

Takeaway- Go for human hair wigs if you want a more natural look.

  • Consider the Wig Style

Wigs come in lace-front, hand-tied 100%, monofilament, and wefted styles. The first three have different styles but promote a naturally-looking hairline, moving and feeling more natural. However, wefted wigs appear different. They are more naturally looking than the other three. Their advantage over the trio is that they add more build to hair and are more affordable.

Takeaway- Go for lace-front, hand-tied 100%, or monofilament wigs if you want a more natural look.

  • Looking at Your Skin Tone

It’s good to consider a wig that compliments your skin tone. Usually, you either have a cool or warm skin tone, If you have a cool complexion(a bluish, violetish, or pinkish undertone), consider amber, dark mocha, or honey wig choices. You can also go for chocolate, warm brown, or chestnut, but shun violet, blue, platinum blonde, and jet black, as the shades don’t match your complexion.

On the other hand, opt for black, gray, honey, or ashy brown if you have a warm complexion (one with a reddish, peach, or yellowish undertone). Still, cool blonde, beige, or auburn can work, but avoid icy blonde, platinum blonde, or any cool-tone color options, as they won’t match your complexion.

In summary, the wig type, wig style, and your complexion are essential considerations when looking for a wig that will give you a natural look. Overall, a wig expert can help you to pick a natural wig that inspires confidence.