4 Business Benefits of Having Plants in the Office

    Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their company and stay one step ahead of the competition. Presentation is a key part of this, adding new features to your office has several benefits for staff, clients, and potential employees. Installing plants, both inside and outside your premises has a positive effect on your business. Here is how they transform the workplace and boost productivity.

    1. Reduce Stress

    Adding commercial pots and planters around the office and outside the building is a great way to help your employees de-stress. Stress is a very real problem in many working environments, it has a negative impact on employees and a business as a whole. Stress in the workplace can lead to all kinds of negative things, such as low energy levels amongst workers and poor confidence. If your employees don’t feel comfortable in their environment, productivity will suffer. Plants remind us of nature and having them in our workplace has numerous advantages:

    • Boost your mood
    • Decrease anger & hostility
    • Boost energy levels
    • Lower tension & anxiety

    If you are looking at ways to add plants to your workplace, focus on indoor features and create an outdoor space where employees can relax in the presence of plants and other greenery.

    • Increase Profitability

    Improving productivity is the same as increasing profitability, once workers are happier in their environment they tend to work better and are more motivated to complete tasks. Many studies have shown that plants in the workplace improve productivity. As a business owner, you should be looking for a productive workforce to increase profits. There are many ways to improve productivity – providing regular breaks, ergonomic equipment and relaxation zones are just a few of them. Another great way to boost your workforce is to introduce plants into the office and in outdoor spaces.

    People like plants as it provides a connection to nature. When we add plants in the workplace, it feels more like a garden than an office setting.

    • Healthier Workforce

    There is no denying that plants have a calming effect on employees, they also help to keep your staff members healthy. Plants play a vital role in the health of your workforce; they purify the air and provide a safer environment. With less dust and pathogens in circulation, your workers are less likely to get sick and miss days.

    • Attracting Employees

    A good company will always want to attract the brightest minds, a better workforce brings the business to new heights. Did you know that having an array of plants both inside and outside your building can be the reason why some candidates choose to work for your company? It creates a pleasant environment that encourages creativity.

    As you can see, there are many great reasons to add plants to your workplace. As humans, we need to stay connected to nature and being indoors all day without any link to the outside world is not good for our health. Adding plants to the workplace helps to reduce sick days, boost mental health, improve productivity, and reduce stress.