4 Common Mistakes Firefighters Should Avoid

    Fire is one of the tragedies that should be avoided by all costs. More reason the government keeps on informing its citizens of ways to prevent fire as well as the safety measures when faced with one. Fire spreads fast, and if not dealt with in good time, it causes a lot of harm and people might also lose their lives. Thanks to firefighters who come to the rescue during such incidences and whose primary goal is to bring down the fire as well as save people’s lives. However, there are some mistakes that firefighters should avoid in order to have successful operations. Some of the mistakes include;

    1.    Not Having Protective Gear

    For a fact, it is no one’s wish to succumb to injuries during a fire rescue mission. Having heat resistant clothes during such operations cannot be stressed enough. Often, no one is allowed to conduct the task without having the right coverall to do the same. Today, there being many companies such as ADL Insulflex, INC who have a variety of fire-resistant coveralls to choose from, it should be no one’s excuse not to own the recommended one. Furthermore, you are always sure to find a coverall that fits perfectly with the design and additional features you prefer while still maintaining the fire fighters protective gear code of dressing.

    2.    Not exercising

    Firefighting is not an easy mission. It is one of the most involving jobs that require the firefighters to be fit. As a firefighter, you need to have an exercising routine to keep in check. Besides handling heavy machinery, you also have to have the energy to carry people from the fire scene to the ambulances. Additionally, your diet as a firefighter is vital. You need to be very keen on whatever you choose to eat. You want to have a healthy life when working and even after your retirement.

    3.    Lack of Fire Rescue Mission Training

    Like any job, you need to undergo through some form of training for you to be fit for it. Firefighting jobs require you to go through extensive training to prepare you to deal with the fire rescue operations. Remember, fire massacres vary, there are those that might be easy to deal with while others need more attention and skill. Keeping in mind that there are new technological advancements, more equipment is introduced meaning that you need to learn how to use them hence the need for continuous training.

    4.    Poor Planning

    After the firefighters have been informed that a place is on fire and they are needed at the scene immediately, their team leader should hurriedly come up with the rescue plan. How well the plan is set out determines how well the operation will go. Additionally, firefighters who do not follow the instructions as per the rescue plan are as good as making the whole process unsuccessful. Therefore, besides having a good rescue plan in place, ensure that the team you are working with follow all the instructions.