4 Reasons Why All Business Owners Should Check Out Douglas James Right Now [2020 Strategy]

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    When it comes to owning your own business, having a leg up on the competition is key. All business owners know that feeling of trying to stay ahead of the curve and have an edge on the pack. It’s an unfortunate reality that having a lead on your competitors is crucial for the survival of your business. Douglas James is known as the “High Ticket Client Guy,” and has codified the methodology of landing and closing high ticket clients with his digital marketing skills. Here are four reasons why all business owners should check out Douglas James right now.

    His skills work across many different fields and markets

    James has made a name for himself as the “High Ticket Client Guy” for a good reason. He’s found success because he’s codified the secrets of digital marketing and has figured out exactly how to tap into the massive pool that comes with it. These skills can be useful for business owners in any market or industry. Understanding the world of digital marketing is a no-brainer, and James has the tools and resources to teach you how to unlock its potential.

    There’s something for everybody

    Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or already dabble in it, there’s something for everyone in James’ courses. If you’re new, entering the world of digital marketing can be intimidating, and that intimidation can be a big turn off. James offers an array of courses and services, which can teach you step by step exactly how to maneuver this complex world successfully. Plus, if you already are comfortable with some digital marketing, you can hone and sharpen your skills, and learn the secrets to landing the life-changing “high ticket clients.”

    High ticket clients are another beast

    James is offering something many other digital marketing professionals are not: the keys to landing high ticket clients, and the methodology behind automating this process. Landing clients through digital marketing is one thing but landing the highly-valued high ticket clients are another beast entirely. Plus, once you’re up to speed, James’ techniques will teach you how to have this process nearly automated, so you can reap the real benefits of these clients.

    He’s accessible and relatable

    James is just like you and me and had an interesting background before turning to digital marketing. In 2014 he was a Navy Corpsman, deployed on the USNS Mercy. He helped impoverished communities in countries like Guam, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the Philippines. After that experience, he realized he wanted to use his skills to help other people find financial freedom and success in their fields. Plus, James is easy to get in touch with and work with, and is very accessible, unlike many digital marketing professionals who treat you like a number. 

    About Douglas James

    Douglas James is a digital marketing expert who has codified the ways of landing high ticket clients. He often shares helpful digital marketing tips, such as forgotten marketing strategies you need to succeed, and is often interviewed on industry topics. You can follow him on Facebook and Linkedin.