4 Tips to Keep In Mind While Designing a New eLearning Course

    Been planning to launch a new eLearning course but can’t come up with the right course design?

    It’s a fact. Preparing a perfect course design isn’t a piece of cake. A lot of brainstorming goes into it. Plus the results may still not come out as desired if anything goes wrong with it.

    So, what to do? Well, in this post we are talking about that.

    Here you will read about four important tips to keep in mind while designing your next eLearning course. Just buckle up and read on.

    1. Use Strong Relevant Images

    Talk of content creation and design and you can’t ignore the vital role that visuals play in the process.

    And when it’s about creating an eLearning course, their role becomes even more important as you need to be precisely aware of where to fit different images.

    But, here comes a question?

    How to choose images while designing your eLearning course?

    Well, remember that the idea is to pick images that are relevant to your course, valuable to the learners and can blend up with the aesthetics of your course.

    For a better understanding, you can keep the following tips in mind:

    • Using bullet points is always good. However, using a series of relevant images in place of these bullet lists is even better of an idea.

    • Prioritize real pictures over clip art. This establishes a sense of personal feel.

    • Try to ensure that the images that you use evoke a sense of compassion or happiness — basically, a positive emotion.

    2. Be Consistent

    The next most important point to keep in mind is to understand the need for being consistent with design throughout the course.

    It’s understandable, right? We can’t keep toggling between different theme designs throughout our course. Imagine how it would feel if Facebook, Instagram or your smartphone manufacturer did that.

    A lot of time would have to be spent after every change. Trust us; your learners wouldn’t want or like that. So, do yourself a favour. Stick to a single theme while designing your eLearning course.

    3. Don’t Overdo

    Have you ever found yourself getting too emotional or too lost while creating a piece of content?

    This is the rush of creativity that starts flowing once and doesn’t stop until we take charge. And what’s wrong about it? Well, sometimes, we may end up letting our creative horses loose, as a result of which the piece of content/design that we were working on may come off as overly done.

    And honestly, that may not make much sense to your learners. Also, it can distract them from the primary topic. So, make sure you don’t go on to overdo the design by falling prey to such a creative rush.

    4. Keep All Distracting Elements At Bay

    While you are working on creating the design for your awesome online training program, you must make sure that you are keeping all the distracting elements off the bay.

    This is important, so your learners don’t keep getting distracted while consuming your course’s content. So, make sure there are no unnecessary elements, and you’ll be good to go.

    Final words

    Indeed, designing an eLearning course can often be a challenge. With so many elements ranging from layout to buttons and everything else, it can certainly get the best in sweat.

    However, when done correctly, it can be way more comfortable. And in this post, we talked about how it can be done correctly. Hopefully, this was helpful.