4 Ways Yousign.com is Revolutionizing Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are not new, as the concept has been around for several years, but now the process is much more widely accepted and many businesses are now turning to this technology in an effort to remain compliant, especially when it comes to GDPR laws in regard to data privacy.

When you sign documents online pdf it is not only easier for you as a company, but the end-user or client loves the process because they are able to execute the agreement with just a couple clicks. It’s easy for both sides, making it very popular. Here are some reasons how this process is revolutionizing the way we get documents signed.

1. Making Sure All Users are GDPR Compliant

When you sign up for an account with a service like Yousign.com you eliminate the need to have a retrieval and storage policy in place. You inherit theirs, which has been reviewed and approved. This is very important these days, especially with the new GDPR laws in place to protect consumer data.

Using an e-sign platform gives you one less thing to worry about. This is something very appealing to business owners and compliance heads.

2. Helping to Organize Users’ Data

Organizing your files is key, which is why many companies will use one cloud storage option to keep everything. This eliminates the need to hunt for files or worry about who is storing them and where.

The same logic applies when it comes to completed contracts. You are able to search them, and pull up what you are looking for based on multiple search criteria.

3. Keeping Customer Data More Secure

Anytime you can show your customers or users that their information is safer with you, over other options, is a way to build more trust. This creates a much stronger relationship that leads to repeat customers and referrals.

Data privacy and data security are hot topics these days. Yousign.com is helping businesses extend a safer environment for data, which is a major upside that trickles down to the customer.

4. Eliminating Several Steps of the Signature Execution Process

It really comes down to convenience. You can create a document, upload it, identify who needs to sign and where, and then send it off.

All parties click a couple buttons and it’s done, and each participant receives a fully executed document for their own safekeeping and filing.

There is no waiting. No delivery needed. No time wasted. For businesses that can benefit from speed, and sign more contracts in a shorter amount of time, then this is hands down the best option available.