5 Actors That Have Created Christian Audio Books

Everyday life moves along at a fast pace. Too fast, for many of us. And as much as we may want to sit down and quietly immerse ourselves in a book, we may not have that luxury. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to get your hands on an audiobook these days. While audiobooks may not feel quite the same as holding a physical book in your hands, audiobooks allow you to multitask: you can get things done while you listen. Don’t let a long commute or a house that needs cleaning stop you from experiencing a good book.


Finding an audiobook with an engaging narrator is an important part of that experience. If you don’t like the narrator, listening to the book — even a book you like — can become an ordeal. One way to avoid this is to choose an audiobook that is narrated by an actor, or other famous personality. Hearing voices we know and love makes the experience a great deal more exciting. As actors, it’s part of their job to bring the material to life in the eyes (or ears) of their audience.

Think of it this way: some priests or pastors are very talented public speakers. Their voices are full of passion and they make you want to hear more. Some are not quite so talented, and even for the most faithful of us, it can be a struggle to pay attention or feel motivated about the subject. Audiobook narrators are extremely similar. Some narrators know just the right places to pause or to change the tone of their voice, while others drone on and on, and you eventually lose interest.

Here are 5 Christian audiobooks narrated by actors, or other famous personalities, to get you started:

1. I Am Restored – Lecrae

This very personal story by two-time Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist Lecrae is currently #8 on Amazon Audible’s Christian Spiritual Growth Bestseller List. It recounts the artist’s struggle to overcome his past, and how his faith in God grew stronger as a result. He shares his daily strategies for nurturing spiritual, emotional, and mental health with listeners, encouraging them to find healing. 

2. Killing Jesus – Bill O’Reilly

If you’re a fan of the show The O’Reilly Factor, you won’t want to miss this book, written in conjunction with historian Martin Dugard. O’Reilly delves into the history behind arguably the most influential man in history: Jesus. We are all familiar with the story of his death, but O’Reilly analyzes the events of Jesus’ life through political and societal lenses. 

3. The Chronicles of Narnia Series – Ensemble Cast

This beloved and classic book series by C.S. Lewis is given life as never before with this set of recordings featuring a truly ensemble cast. Kenneth Branaugh (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Dunkirk), Alex Jennings (The Crown), Patrick Stewart (X-men, Star Trek), Lynn Redgrave (Gods and Monsters), Michael York (Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet), Derek Jacobi (Tolkien, The Borgias), and Jeremy Northam (The Tudors, The Crown) lend their voices to the magical series that has enraptured the hearts of children and adults everywhere for generations.

4. James Earl Jones Reads The Bible – James Earl Jones

You might say that James Earl Jones has one of the most unforgettable voices of our time. We know him as the commanding voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars saga, and as the majestic voice of Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King (both the original animated film and the live-action remake). This unabridged, digitally remastered James Earl Jones audio Bible is beautifully orchestrated and is sure to help you contemplate the Word of God in a whole new way.

5. The Word of Promise Audio Bible – Ensemble Cast

All 98 hours of this complete audio version of the New King James Bible are voiced by a glittering variety of actors, including Michael York (Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet) as the Narrator, Jim Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion of the Christ) as Jesus, Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) as Elihu, and many more.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful acting and familiar voices of this production. Not to mention, the production value is excellent—featuring a musical score, sound effects, and more! Few productions come close to the detail and star-studded cast of The Word Of Promise Recording. Visit the website today and get your copy.


With such a wealth of quality recordings, you don’t have to worry about finding time to sit down and invest in studying your faith. Audiobooks like these let you absorb what they have to offer anywhere and at any time. And you never know, listening to an audiobook narrated by an actor may shed new light on an idea or may even inspire you.