5 Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Cost In America

    If you live in the USA, but not in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, then there are huge chances that you travel around the city by car. Understanding what affects the cost of car insurance is not so simple, especially if you do not know what the price of the policy is made up of. The clarifications given by experts today will help you with this. Current laws in our country require a mandatory insurance policy for the driver. Therefore, every year all drivers pay significant amounts for paperwork on car insurance. Different insurance companies in America use different formulas, but usually they all take into account the factors that we will discuss in this article. And here we will take www.americaninsurance.com as an example.

    Driving Experience and Your Age

    The coefficient of this characteristic of the car owner is assigned depending on the degree of risk that arises during driving. Therefore, with a lot of experience of driving, a certain coefficient is less. The lowest value for this parameter is 1.0 and is assigned to drivers over the age of 22 years with a driving experience of more than 3 years. For drivers of a younger age, this coefficient increases, depending on driving experience, to 1.8. If several people drive this car, then the coefficient is assigned to the driver with lower driving skills.

    Incident History

    It is beneficial for insurance companies to encourage driving without an accident, as well as it is useful for the state. If the driver does not get into an accident on the road, then it helps to save the finance of the insurance company. Therefore, when you issue the next policy, you get a certain discount from the policyholder.

    Credit History

    Roughly speaking, you are punished for not using credit cards or if you do not know how to manage finances. So if you came to America recently, or arrived long ago, but were not interested in credit history, then it’s time to get some new information for yourself. Subsequently, it will save you a lot of money.

    The Number of Car Drivers

    When registering insurance documents, the car owner must provide data on the number of persons who are allowed to drive a car. If the number of drivers has no restrictions, for example, in large logistics firms, a coefficient of 1.8 is determined in this case. The increase in the coefficient is due to the increased likelihood of an insured event when driving a car by different drivers.

    The Level of Education

    Statistically, people with higher education are less likely to have an accident. So if you do not have any degree, then, of course, you will need to pay more.


    In this article, we have discussed the most popular things that affect the price of your insurance. It will be smart to carefully study them in order to pay less. In addition, you will recognize when insurance companies work correctly and when they try to deceive you by providing a really high price for their services.