5 Hacks for a Luxury RV Trip

    Most people think of RV travel as camping on wheels. And while many people enjoy this, others are looking for something a little more glamorous. If your version of camping is “glamping,” you need to plan a luxury RV excursion. Here are a few tips:

    1. Don’t Forget the Basics

    One sure fire way to ruin an RV trip is to show up to a campground unprepared and find yourself having to scrounge around for items that you need to cook, eat, or enjoy yourself.

    “If you’re traveling in your own RV, or borrowing one from a friend, remember that everyday items aren’t always available at campsites or surrounding stores,” Allstar Coaches explains. “So be sure to bring plenty of water, food, and blankets. If you’re barbequing, don’t forget to bring a lighter, an extra propane tank, and cooking utensils such as spatulas, roasting sticks (hello marshmallows), tongs, and a grill brush.”

    You don’t need to overpack, but be smart and come prepared. You’ll spend less time stressing and more time enjoying your luxury vacation.

    2. Bring Some Comforts From Home

    The basics are what you need just to make your trip enjoyable. If you want to take it from an average RV trip to a luxury RV trip, bring a few comforts from home. This may include:

    • Real cups, plates, and dishes. There’s something nice about eating off of real plateware that makes you feel like you’re doing things right.
    • Lamps/lighting. RVs certainly have lighting, but if it’s too harsh, you’ll find it difficult to relax. Bringing a couple of lamps from home can give you warmer lighting – particularly in the evening hours.
    • Bedding. If you’re picky about your bed, bring your own bedding and pillows. This will increase your chances of having restful sleep.

    You know what’s important to you. If there’s something you think will make your experience better, find a way to bring it.

    3. Bring a WiFi Booster

    While many RV campgrounds now have free WiFi access, the connection is often atrocious. You sit there and it takes 10 or 15 seconds just to load a single page on your web browser. But there’s a workaround. It’s called a WiFi booster.

    A WiFi booster is a simple device that you can install to significantly boost your connection. It can be expensive, but for someone who needs reliable access, it’s money well spent.

    4. Stay at a Luxury RV Resort

    There’s nothing wrong with a traditional RV park, but if you want to make your trip more luxurious, you need to find an RV “resort.”

    “Resorts may often say that the RV park is meant for long-term parking so if you want to know if a park is a high-end resort look for the words, they use to describe the park like luxury, high-end, first class or other rich sounding words,” Melissa Popp writes for TripSavvy.com. “One sure fire way to gauge if it is a resort is to find out what types of RVs are allowed there. If it is only class A motorhomes or motorcoaches, you’ve found a luxury resort.”

    Luxury RV resorts aren’t as easy to find as your traditional RV park – and they’ll cost you a pretty penny – but they’re well worth the investment. If nothing else, try splitting your trip in half and staying at a luxury RV resort for three or four days and another RV park for the rest of the trip. It’ll give you a nice taste of both.

    5. Don’t Over-Schedule Your Itinerary

    An RV gives you freedom and flexibility. The key is to avoid going overboard. With so many different adventures at your fingertips, it’s easy to over-schedule your itinerary and fill up every single minute with something to do. But that’s not very luxurious, is it?

    Slow down and give yourself space to sleep in, enjoy a long breakfast, or take an afternoon nap. Prolonged pauses allow you to relax and pamper yourself – which is the very definition of luxurious!

    Enjoy the Trip of Your Dreams

    If you’ve always dreamed of taking an RV trip but are worried that it won’t be “nice” enough to suit your tastes, think again. Luxury RV travel isn’t just possible – it’s actually fairly easy to accomplish. Just implement a few of these tips and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the trip of your dreams.