5 Popular Shows on Blaze TV to Watch in 2019

    In 2019, online television subscription is the way to go. You can access great content on your handheld device or desktop conveniently. If you are a fan of politics or cultural affairs, you should not think further than BlazeTV.

    The online television platform is one of the richest in politics and cultural affairs related content. It’s both insightful and hilarious to watch.  It’s characterized by well-known media personalities such as Mark Levin, Duck Dynasty, and Michelle Malkin. So, both learning and amusement are guaranteed with BlazeTV.

    With a yearly subscription of $99 or a monthly plan of $10, you are guaranteed dozens of weekly shows on the platform. You can also get a BlazeTV promo code for 10% off if you subscribe early.

    1. Wilkow Show

    This show is named after popular radio personality Andrew Wilkow. The show was launched early last year, so it’s barely a year old. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most watched on the CRTV platform. According to Andrew Wilkow, it’s all about providing the viewers with cutting-edge and current content. Whether it’s the latest politics or cultural trends, Wilkow has you covered. You can catch the show three times a week on your phone or PC.

    • In the Woods with Phil

    Do you like the jungle lifestyle? Are you always eager to learn about insightful adventures in the woods? Then this is the show to watch in 2019. The show features Phil Robertson, so you should expect crazy episodes on a weekly basis. Whether it’s learning how to make a simple kill in the forests or how to survive the challenges, you’ll get valuable insights on the show. There are also touches of politics and culture in some of the productions.

    • Roaming Millennial: Uncensored

    This show is named after YouTube sensation, Roaming Millennial. She became famous in 2016 through her favorite YouTube channel, Roaming Millennial. Like the Wilkow Show, this show will be aired three times a week. From global politics to cultural changes, Roaming Millennial will be covering issues that most media personalities will not dare to cover.

    • Levin TV: Our Country is Under Attack

    If you really care about the economy of the US, you really have to watch this show. It helps you to learn what’s happening within and outside the US. The show majorly focuses on politics. In the first few months of 2019, the episodes will be looking at the political developments that rocked 2018 and how they’ll impact 2019.

    • Conservative Millennial

    This great show is conducted by Allie Stuckey, an expert in politics and cultural affairs. She’ll be commenting on the topics and you are guaranteed two weekly episodes. The videos are meant to show that millennials can be conservative and not that all of them are clueless. Allie will be examining the various conservation challenges that millennials are facing nowadays.

    For these shows and many more, you can visit BlazeTV or visit any app store using your handheld device. With amazing shows outlining 2019, the fun and learning that awaits you are just infinite. You will definitely find value in every coin that you use to subscribe.