5 Reasons to Upfit Your Work Van

    A work van helps you run your business more efficiently. Without it, you couldn’t carry your tools or complete multiple service appointments in one trip. It’s a versatile vehicle essential for any field service or delivery business. But a work van upfit can make your business even more efficient, safe, and organized, which will increase your bottom line.


    Maintaining an organized work van will maximize storage space and improve productivity. Upfits that include shelving make it easier to locate tools. Bins can hold small nuts, bolts, and other items, and racks help you store large, bulky items. It will be easier to find the things you need quickly. The time savings equates to a more efficient and productive workday.


    A sharp tool or a large object can quickly fly off a shelf in the back of the van if you have to apply the brakes suddenly. It can lead to costly workplace accidents and downtime. Any bin or shelf with a locking feature can secure these items. A partition separating you from the back of the van will increase safety for the driver and work crew.


    If your van gets damaged, it could impact the van’s performance and make it look unprofessional. Locking bins, shelves, and cabinets will keep sharp or heavy tools from falling and denting the floor of the van. Heavy-duty, non-slip flooring will also protect your commercial vehicle and give you peace of mind when on the road.

    Reduce Noise

    The noise of things clattering and falling in the back of the van can distract you while you’re driving. The distraction can lead to accidents or driving so slowly and carefully that you arrive late for service calls and deliveries. Sturdy flooring and rubber work mats also dampen noise so you can focus on driving.

    Easier Cleaning

    Have you ever looked at the mess inside your work van at the end of a long day and just decided to leave it for tomorrow? Did it get cleaned the next day, or was is still messy a week later?

    Organizing your supplies and putting them back in their place will keep your work van looking neat and tidy. Certain upfits, like custom flooring, can also make it easier to clean stains, water, and mud that might accumulate throughout the day.

    Increase Your Productivity and Revenue

    The right upfit can improve your work van so that it operates at its full capacity. There are many upfits to choose from, including bins, shelving, cabinets, racks, partitions, custom flooring, and so many more. Not all upfits will be appropriate for your needs, and having too many can compromise the efficiency of your van. Work with an expert upfitter who will help you determine which accessories will be best for your business.