5 Terrible Driving Habits (And 3 Great Ones)

    We’ve all had moments where we’re guilty of practicing bad driving, but even small indiscretions could put you at a high risk for collisions.  Don’t put yourself or other drivers at risk, make sure to avoid these driving habits.





    1. Accelerate through yellow lights

    When the light turns yellow, it may be tempting to step on the gas to make it through the light, but it’s a risk that’s not worth taking. Many oncoming traffic collisions are caused drivers who have chosen to accelerate through a yellow light and collide with a vehicle making a left turn.


    1. Ignore stop signs

    Even if you’re driving late at night on a seemingly empty road, do not ignore the stop signs. You may not see another car coming from a different direction, or a pedestrian crossing the street so it’s not worth the risk.


    1. Use your cell phone while driving

    According to Global News, distracted driving causes more crashes than intoxication or speeding. While driving, keep your phone off or on silent. Even glancing down to check a recent text could put you at risk for a vehicle collision.


    1. Forget your turn signal

    Your turn signal is a crucial communication between you and other drivers on the road. Even without heavy traffic, always use your turn signal when switching lanes. If you don’t, and you are in a collision, you’ll most likely be liable.


    1. Tailgate

    Following close behind another car, especially in heavy traffic, is a recipe for an accident. Keep a respectful amount of space between your car and other vehicles on the road, especially during poor weather conditions where roads are more slippery. You never know if the car in front of you will have to abruptly stop, so give your vehicle enough room to compensate for this safely.




    1. Check your blind spots

    Even if the mirrors on your vehicle are lined up for maximum visibility, always check your blind spot before changing lanes. This includes checking your mirrors as well as glancing over your shoulder to make sure that you have the all clear to make a turn or change lanes.



    1. Pre-set your cell phone

    If you’ll be using a navigation system or listening to music, set it all up before you get on the road to minimize distraction. Distracted driving is now punishable by a $50,000 fine, according to CBC News, so make sure that you can hear your device clearly so that you’re not prompted to look down at your phone.


    1. Be patient

    Reckless driving doesn’t get you to your destination that much faster, and doubles your chance for an automobile accident.




    Making simple changes to your driving habits decreases your likelihood of getting into an automobile accident. Your insurance provider may also provide incentives year over year for good driving habits. If you’ve has a pristine record for a few years, take a look at your insurance policy to see if you’re eligible for a discount, or compare your current insurance rate to find a better price.