5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Surprise 21st Birthday Party

    So someone you care about is celebrating their 21st birthday? It’s a big one! If you’re wanting to create a special event for them, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. But one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is how much of a surprise you want it to be. Do you want your guest of honor to be aware there’s a party happening, but no idea what’s happening? Or would you prefer they have no idea at all. Decide which path you’re going with before you do any more planning as it will make it a lot easier. Here are my top 5 tips for throwing the perfect surprise 21st birthday party.

    1. Don’t Skimp On Invitations
    If you’re letting your guest of honor know there’s a party, then you can also give them an invite too. But if it’s a complete surprise, you’re still going to want to formally invite the guests. Investing in customized celebration invitations makes it a lot easier to let the guests know what to expect as well as all the usual info. If you don’t want the guest of honor knowing anything about the party, then you can make it very clear on the invites that it is a surprise and you don’t want anyone saying anything. Choosing customized 21st party invitations also allows you to make a special memento for the guest of honor that they can treasure for years to come.

    2. Plan a Decoy
    If you’re keeping it a surprise, then you’re going to want to figure out a way to get your guest of honor dressed for a special event and out of the house. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have someone, or a couple of friends, “meet them” for a dinner or occasion at the same time. Be sure to pretend you’re meeting in a relatively nice restaurant, so that they dress up accordingly. That way they’ll look and feel their best for all the fun photos you’ll be taking through the night. Instead of arriving at the restaurant, you’ll take them whenever the surprise party is!

    3. Ask for Help
    Creating their dream guest list, like buying quartz kitchen countertops, might be a little hard if you’re not friends with all their friends. Reach out to a couple of their good friends from other circles and ask who they think you should invite. You want their surprise party to be a mix of all of their closest friends, so asking for some help in this regard will make it all the more special and surprising, especially if it’s a combination of friends they wouldn’t usually see together.

    4. Don’t Forget the Cake
    No matter where you’re hosting the party, whether it’s at home, in a restaurant or even in a bar, a cake is a special part of any party. If you choose to buy a cake, that can be considered in lieu of your gift. If you’re wanting to buy a special customized cake, it may be better to ask a few friends to chip in so that you have a little help with the costs.

    5. Encourage Speeches
    If you’re having a party celebration where it’s possible to pause and have everyone say a few words about the host, then I definitely suggest it. In our modern lives, I feel like we’re all very disconnected and rarely say how we feel about each other. Taking the lead and saying a few special words about the guest of honor is a very special gift. You may be surprised by how emotional this aspect of the party can be, but it’s so memorable especially for a 21st birthday party.

    These are my 5 tips for throwing the perfect surprise 21st birthday party, I hope they help you throw the perfect party.