5 Vital Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed Before Winter

5 Vital Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed Before Winter

Fall is here, which means the leaves are falling, making it possible to see the branches underneath. It’s much easier to check the branches for deadwood, disease, and overgrowth during this time of year. With the branches in full view, this is the perfect time to shape and trim the trees. Because weak branches will inevitably fall at some point, if any of a tree’s branches are dead or diseased, it is vitally important to remove them before the start of winter. Here are five reasons why you need to have the trees in your yard trimmed before winter arrives.

1- Trees Hibernate During the Winter

Trees become dormant in order to survive the winter. While dormant, trees stop growing. Trimming the trees before this happens gives the tree time to spring new branches before hibernating in the winter. Those new branches will grow more quickly in the spring because their buds were formed in the fall.

2- Trimming Will Prevent the Spread of Disease

Dead branches can harbor disease-causing insects and fungi that will later infect healthy branches and other parts of the tree. Just like humans, trees can spread disease. This means that healthy branches and neighboring trees can become sick too.

3- Prevent Damage from Winter Weather

Dead branches are weak and break off easily during high winds, heavy rains, and snowstorms. If those branches are large and heavy, they can do a lot of damage to your property and even knock out your power. If the tree itself is damaged, it can fall during a storm, which could cause even worse damage to your home.

4- Promotes Tree Health

The health of trees means structural balance and shared nutrients from root to crown. Dead and diseased branches fight with healthy branches for water and nutrients. This impacts the overall health of the tree.

Also, too many dead branches reduce the ability of the sun to reach all the remaining living parts of the tree. Sun is a vital part of photosynthesis. Therefore, it’s essential to remove all the dead branches so that your trees will thrive.

5- You Can Save Yourself a Lot of Money

Keeping up with tree maintenance will let you know when your trees need help before something severe happens. Tree trimming is a vital part of that maintenance, and keeping up with it can save you money in the long run.

Trimming costs a few hundred dollars, but tree removal can easily cost over one thousand, and that doesn’t even include any potential cost of fixing dead tree-caused property damage.

Tree trimming is simply a necessary part of having trees. Besides being good for the health of trees, trimming shapes them to look their best and add appeal to your property. While the homeowner can do a lot, trimming can easily become complicated with large trees or a heavily treed property. Never hesitate to call a professional arborist to help. Proper trimming and pruning are essential to ensure your trees live a long time and always look their best.