5 Ways to Make an Outdoor Shopping Center Look Appealing

5 Ways to Make an Outdoor Shopping Center Look Appealing

Today, picking up a phone and ordering whatever you want straight from the comfort of your home is too easy. To get people out to shop, outdoor shopping centers must go the extra mile and appeal to shoppers. Here are five ways to make an outdoor shopping center look appealing.

1- Use Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are durable, easy to clean, and maintain. They can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Concrete pavers come in a variety of colors, making them aesthetically appealing to the people walking on them. Shopping centers can choose colors to match their overall color scheme.

2- Add Plants

Plants serve several purposes when used to spruce up a space. Plants are a way to transition from season to season. For example, poinsettias signal the holiday season, while tulips represent spring. Stagreocally placed green plants can soften outside areas. Surrounding eating areas with plants gives people something to look at besides buildings and the ground. Consider doing something fun by placing large, usual plants in certain areas around the shopping areas. They will grab the attention of your shoppers.

3- Install Water Features

The soft sound of water trickling can have multiple effects on shoppers. It can invoke a sense of calm and peace. It can also be romantic and fun. A large water fountain in the middle of the shopping center will grab the attention of young and old shoppers alike. However, it does not need to be that dramatic. A small pond with goldfish would be just as fun for visitors to stop and see. Many outdoor shopping centers want to be more family-friendly and add splash pads for kids to play in while adults take a break from shopping.

4- Create Functional Outdoor Spaces

People tend to stay longer at shopping centers if there are places to sit and rest. Integrating things like benches into your landscaping scheme looks good, and people will have a place to enjoy a cup of copy, relax, and admire your other outdoor features. Do not forget to place trash and recycling receptacles throughout the shopping center. It will help to keep trash from being thrown all over the ground. Consider adding tables and chairs near the restaurants. People will be more likely to stay longer if they can sit to eat the food they bought in a welcoming environment.

5- Prioritize Lighting

As you are creating your outside space, do not forget to consider the lighting. If you add a water feature, for example, you may want to add soft lighting for viewing in the evening. Have some large, unique plants? Put a spotlight on them. Outdoor eateries will need subtle lighting for people to see what they are eating and enjoy each other’s company. Walking and parking areas need lights to prevent people from tripping or falling.

Lighting is another way to transition from season to season or holiday to holiday. Change colors to represent a season or holiday. Get creative and fun. For example, jack-o-lanterns during Halloween can be replaced with snowmen in the winter and eggs and bunnies in the spring.

This practice of rotating thematic lighting not only enlivens the environment but also keeps it relevant and engaging for everyone experiencing the space. Beyond seasonal changes, consider incorporating themed light displays for special events or promotions. LED lights with adjustable colors can be programmed to shift hues and intensities, creating a dynamic atmosphere that aligns with the current celebration or season. For instance, vibrant greens and reds can cast a festive glow during Christmas, while soft pastels might illuminate an area during Easter. This strategy can extend to outdoor areas as well, where landscape lighting can highlight natural features with seasonal colors, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. Additionally, smart lighting systems can be synced with calendars to automatically update according to the season or upcoming holidays, ensuring the decor remains fresh and exciting throughout the year.