6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Bringing a New Pet Home

    Cats, dogs, and other exotic pets can be great companions. Animals bring a lot of joy and love. Getting a pet is a major lifestyle shift. First, you need to decide which animal is the best for you. To ensure you are doing the right thing, ask yourself these questions before getting a four-legged friend.

    1. Can You Afford a New Pet?

    The first thing you need to figure out is finances. The cute puppy you have been eyeing will require proper care, which includes food, shelter, and health services. Of course, pet care costs vary greatly depending on the animal you want. Even the healthiest animal will require a certain amount of money. You might need a petsitter occasionally, and all these small costs add up quickly over time. Ensure you can comfortably care for a new pet before bringing one home.

    1. How Much Time Can You Spare?

    Now that the pet expenses are covered, you must assess how much time you have from your weekly schedule. Essentially, a pet needs round-the-clock care. You shouldn’t get a new pet just for playing with occasionally. Pets need to eat multiple times a day. If you are never home, caring for them will be a challenge. Ensure there is someone to check in on the furry companion while you are away. Low-maintenance pets also require some tender love and care.

    1. Does Your Home Have Enough Room?

    You might be thinking, how much space can a small puppy or kitten take? But you will soon realize pets can be quite destructive when bored. They need room to move around and exercise to live a healthy life. The best animal services recommend having enough space and providing the animals with stimulating activities. Taking the pet to the park so they can run around and have ample walks might help. But you need space in your home as well.

    1. Does the Pet Have Special Needs?

    All pets are different. The animal services will advise you if the animal needs extra care and why. They might have behavioral issues you must address if you plan to have the pet forever. So you must ask yourself if you are willing to bring home a special-needs pet.

    1. Will It Fit in With the Other Pets?

    If you have other pets, it’s only fair to consider how the new pet will fit. Sometimes a trial run is the best solution before you decide. Cats and dogs have a history of not getting along, but you won’t know until both animals are in the same space. You don’t want any injuries or accidents that might harm either of the pets.

    1. How Will Life Change After Getting a Pet?

    Most people don’t assess their lifestyle before adopting a pet, which can be a big mistake. If you have a significant other, family, or roommates, they all must be on board with living with an animal. Remember, they will also deal with the animal daily, which can be a lot for some people. If you plan on moving to a different city, ensure you make plans for moving with a pet. You might need to make a dozen lifestyle changes you never expected; ensure you are prepared.

    Pets are a big responsibility; these questions will help you assess your readiness. It’s not bad to postpone having a pet until you are financially or mentally ready. Your home should be conducive for both of you long term. The pet shouldn’t be a burden; it’s supposed to improve your life.