6 Surprising Uses for CBD Oil You Never Knew About

There are a lot of articles out there now about CBD oil and its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive traits. Many people also take it now to also help with stress or to get better sleep.

It can be bought at vitamin or supplement stores for these purposes. But, these are just a couple of uses that are commonly known.

There are a lot of different ways that CBD oil could benefit your health. Many studies have been done to find the effects of CBD on different health and wellbeing issues. Every day, these tests uncover more potential uses for CBD oil. Some of these studies may prove that CBD oil could be useful for your specific health issues, and you may not even be aware of it.

Here are 6 surprising uses for CBD oil that you never knew about:

  • Reduces Nausea and Vomiting

Upset stomach? Take some CBD oil!

CBD oil is known to reduce nausea and vomiting not just in humans but in other animals as well. A study showed that this may be especially useful for people undergoing chemotherapy. It may be even more effective than current treatment options.

This study was done on rats and mice, which can’t vomit but do display physical signs of distress when experiencing nausea. These physical signs were reduced after being administered a dose of CBD.

While marijuana has a well-known reputation for giving users “the munchies,” it turns out that CBD can help with that nausea and appetite as well without inducing a high.

  • Decreases Tumor Size

This one may sound like something you see on a sign at a protest to legalize weed. But, it’s not a totally unfounded claim.

Studies have shown that the cannabinoids found in CBD have anticancer properties. It prevents the body from creating new cancer cells which in turn prevents tumors from growing. It also prevents cancer from spreading to different parts of the body and can negatively affect the cancer cells’ ability to survive.

No, this doesn’t mean that you should quit your cancer treatment and start relying completely on CBD oil. There are still more studies in the works to fully understand this trait of CBD. Make sure to talk to your doctor before making any decisions with CBD usage.

  • Reduces Acne

According to Healthcare Weekly staff, CBD oil can be great for clearing up and preventing blemishes when applied topically.

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects and can also promote skin health. Because of these properties, it can be an effective treatment for acne. When a new pimple starts to form, the redness and swelling are a result of irritation in the skin. CBD oil can prevent that irritation and inflammation so that the pimple doesn’t grow or become sensitive.

Red and irritated acne will recede more quickly and be less noticeable when treated with CBD oil. Some beauty companies have already started producing items infused with CBD to take advantage of these effects.

There are a lot of serums, face creams, soap bars, and many other products infused with CBD oil. These products not only reference the anti-inflammatory properties but the moisturizing properties as well.

  • Great for Skin

CBD isn’t just great for preventing acne, it has a lot of benefits for more general skincare as well. It helps wounds to heal more quickly, keeping them clean and moisturized which in turn encourages cell growth. It can also ease the irritation of minor ailments like blisters.

Doctors are even using these creams, sprays, or oils on pediatric patients to reduce pain and blistering in certain situations. Parents are written prescriptions for these items because they report fewer, if any, side effects than other treatments. It is a safe alternative to some more potent chemicals and compounds.

  • Minimize Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels which can result in damage to vital organs and serious issues like heart attacks or strokes. Some studies claim that CBD can reverse diabetes. This is a bit of an extreme claim, but there is research to suggest that it can at least reduce the occurrence of negative side effects resulting from diabetes.

Diabetes can develop for a few reasons. Some cases of diabetes are a result of oxidative stress and inflammation. Studies show that the system in your body that processes CBD may have the power to reduce these issues and any damage or injury that could result from them.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD make it a game changer when it comes to managing diabetes and its effects. Once you receive a diagnosis, you can start taking CBD oil to minimize the amount of damage that would be inflicted to your body in the future. This has the power to make it less of a burden to live with diabetes.

  • Prevents Negative Side Effects of THC

Though CBD does not make you high, taking some CBD oil before using recreational marijuana could lead to a safer high.

One study showed that taking CBD before using recreational marijuana could actually prevent some of the negative side effects of the psychoactive chemical THC.

THC is responsible for the high feeling. But, it is also responsible for feelings of paranoia, anxiety, or long-term psychological effects of smoking or ingesting marijuana. CBD, also derived from the marijuana plant, can combat these negative side effects to produce a safer, more enjoyable high.

This study has not been performed on all types of cannabis so, as always, exercise caution when using recreational marijuana.

CBD oil is about to become the new miracle substance. There are so many uses for it that we are still discovering new things every day. If you are considering adding CBD oil to your health or skincare regimen, make sure to talk to a doctor about whether CBD is a good option for you. Also, ask about whether it will not interfere with any medications that you are currently taking.
This article comes from Julian Gnatenco @ JGBilling