7 Benefits Of A Zafu Meditation Pillow

    As an adult, life can become so busy and stressful that even if you want to rest or sleep at night, your work or other commitments follows you and won’t let you. 

    Many people suffer from this; the natural sleep-wake cycle of their body called the circadian rhythm is disrupted because of responsibilities, problems, and constant worrying.  

    The importance of restoring the body’s internal clock and reducing stress has grown important in recent years because studies show that lack of sleep can severely affect one’s health.  

    In particular, lack of sleep can cause the following health conditions: 

    • stroke 
    • heart attack 
    • diabetes 
    • high blood pressure 
    • heart disease 
    • heart failure 

    But more importantly, medical errors due to lack of sleep contributed to over 100,000 deaths in the health sector, and drowsy driving caused about 1550 auto crashes in the United States. 

    Meditation has greatly helped many people restore calm in their lives and help them get restful sleep at night, so they wake up refreshed and invigorated in the morning. 

    Meditation is the practice of paying attention to a particular thought or activity so you can be present at the moment, reduce your brain chatter and focus on what’s important.  

    A meditation pillow is a great tool to use when meditating. Zafu meditation pillow offer many benefits that can help you reach your desired goal on mindful meditation. Here are some of the benefits of the Zafu meditation pillow:  

    1. Support Posture While Meditating 

    The pillow is firm enough to support your posture while in a sitting position. The cushion elevates your pelvis while putting your hips above your knees, aligning your spine correctly. You can find more information about this pillow in this video:

    1.  Optimize Blood Flow 

    An incorrect meditative sitting position can misalign your knees, legs, and spine and may result in cramping and reduced blood flow, causing temporary loss of sensation, which may affect your concentration while meditating. 

    Using a meditation pillow will put your hips, knees, and spine in the proper position to optimize blood flow. An increased blood flow to the brain is essential in meditation as it helps achieve clarity of mind and keeps you alert for the duration.  

    1. Allows You To Meditate For A Longer Period 

    Proper posture during meditation is essential. It keeps your body comfortable while eliminating any strain in your pelvis and back. When you’re in a comfortable position, thanks to the pillow, you can extend your meditation beyond the recommended 12 minutes. A 12-minute mindful meditation can increase your focus, attention, creativity, and calmness, but a longer meditation can deepen your mindfulness and give you more positive outcomes.   

    1. Increases Your Stability 

    The height of a firm meditation pillow can support different leg positions. Also, some meditative positions require you to arch your back or raise your hips. The level of bending may be difficult to execute for beginners, a meditation pillow can help support your stability so you can bend and perform a variety of poses without losing your balance.   

    1. Help You Stay Focused 

    When you sit atop a meditation pillow with your spine straight during meditation, it brings your mind to focus and keeps you alert. Even if meditation keeps your body relaxed, the chances of you falling asleep during the sessions are low when you have a meditation pillow as a tool. The height, texture, and firmness of the pillow can help maintain your meditative position, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.   

    1. Good For The Environment 

    Since the Zafu meditation pillow uses organic buckwheat hulls as filling, it’s more sustainable than regular synthetic fillings.  

    Moreover, buckwheat hulls are biodegradable and compostable. They are not likely to end up in landfills with other materials that release toxic methane, which is responsible for polluting the air that you breathe and worsening the condition of the climate. Furthermore, buckwheat, unlike cotton, is grown organically. This means that toxic fertilizers and pesticides are not needed to maintain them.   

    1. Lasts For A Long Time 

    Unlike traditional pillows, buckwheat-filled pillows last for a very long time. It’s said to last for around 10 years since the filling is strong and durable. And since you can remove and wash the cover as frequently as you want, you can still maintain its sanitary condition.   


    Being in a relaxed state can lead to a healthier physical, mental and spiritual wellness. This can all be achieved through meditation. There are different kinds of meditation, and finding one appropriate for what you need can be easy. All types of meditation have one goal: to achieve inner peace. But doing this properly with the right tools like a meditation pillow is equally important as it can enhance your sessions more for added benefits.