7 Benefits of Having a Corporate Promotional Video Produced

7 Benefits of Having a Corporate Promotional Video Produced

Marketing comes in a wide range of forms, and one of the more popular ways that consumers like to enjoy their content these days comes in the form of videos. If you’ve been thinking about creating your own promotional videos, it may very well be just what you need to get word of your company out there. Let’s take a closer look at seven benefits of having a corporate promotional video produced that will encourage you to get started.

1. Greater In-Depth Promotion

You might feel like some of your marketing campaigns are only able to say so much. A quality promotional video can capture your mission, brand, values, and benefits to communicate more to prospective customers with ease. You can use a promotional video to market your products or services, and this can serve as a commercial or have a permanent spot on your company’s website.

2. Potentially Greater ROI

Marketing campaigns should offer tangible value that help you increase your business. 41% of marketers report that video marketing offered a high ROI, which could be beneficial if you’re finding that other forms of marketing aren’t as effective as you’d like.

3. Can Be Recycled for Other Content

Do you want to make sure you get the most out of your marketing content? Promotional videos can be reused for copy, blog content, and even social media snippets.

4. More Sharability

Videos get people excited and engaged. If you have a promotional video that people enjoy and want others to see, you’re more likely going to see this content being shared than some of the other marketing materials you have.

5. Generates Interest and Buzz

Are people talking about your brand? If not, a promotional video in front of the right eyes might be what you need to generate more interest and buzz surrounding your brand.

6. You Can Use Them in Every Marketing Channel

The thing about certain forms of marketing content is that they’re relatively limited in where they can go. For example, you can’t pop a blog post into your social media channels. With a promotional video, you can insert it anywhere to get people interested in your products or services. Whether you want to add it to emails, blogs, landing pages, or more, there’s no limit to where you can put it.

7. Videos Can Bolster Your SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is something that’s always changing, but there are some constants that you can depend on. Adding a promotional video to various pages and blogs can enhance the quality of your website and boost it on search engine results pages, allowing more customers to find you with ease.

Promotional videos aren’t always prioritized in today’s corporate marketing strategies, but their ability to help more customers notice you and find you is something that shouldn’t be understated. If you’ve been on the fence about promotional videos because you didn’t know how to begin or what to expect once you started crafting promotional videos for your company, the seven benefits above should help you better understand why you should prioritize these videos now.