7 Creative Ways to Use Custom T-Shirts to Boost Holiday Sales

7 Creative Ways to Use Custom T-Shirts to Boost Holiday Sales

If your business is like most others, it relies on holiday sales to make the majority of its profits for the year. But since today’s business world is more competitive than ever before, you’ve got to get more and more creative with your marketing efforts. To stay ahead of the competition, here are seven ways you can use custom t-shirts to boost your holiday sales.

1- Attend Festivals

One of the best ways to get your business known to thousands of customers in only a few hours is to attend a local festival. Once you get plenty of printed t-shirts and set up at a local holiday festival, you’ll get plenty of attention and lots of opportunities to talk about your business and sell your products.

2- Free Giveaways

Customers always love to get something free. If you use custom t-shirts as free giveaways during the holiday season, you’ll build plenty of goodwill and have your customers wearing their free t-shirts everywhere.

3- T-Shirt Friday

By designating a particular day of the week for your employees to wear their custom t-shirts, such as on a Casual Friday, your customers will be able to see these shirts and your company’s slogan each week. Your regular customers will be able to look forward to this day of the week and may make a special trip to your business to buy gifts and other items.

4- Customer Appreciation Day

If your business does a customer appreciation day, use custom t-shirts to your advantage by letting customers purchase them at a discounted price if they spend a certain amount of money at your business. By offering t-shirts in a number of vibrant colors and featuring a catchy slogan or graphics, chances are your customers will be eager to spend enough money to ensure they can walk away with a t-shirt.

5- Sponsor a Local Charity

If you sponsor a local charity or perhaps a Cub Scout group, you can have custom t-shirts made up for the scout troop or other individuals and have them wear their new apparel around town as much as possible. This will promote your business while also building up goodwill within your community, which usually translates to increased sales.

6- Social Media Contest

Boost your holiday sales by having customers enter a contest on your social media site to design your custom t-shirts. Offering a great prize to the winner will help customers become more invested in your business and let you have a t-shirt that will be the toast of the town.

7- Print Several Different Designs

Finally, consider printing up several different custom t-shirts featuring a variety of designs and phrases that can be associated with your company. This will help keep your t-shirts fresh and new to your customers, and will also keep them anticipating what the next t-shirt will look like.

When you put the power of custom t-shirts to work for your business during the holiday season, you’ll find your profits will likely soar to new and unexpected heights. But what many people don’t realize is that when you order custom t-shirts, you’re also impacting the environment.