7 NFT Games to Play-to-Earn in 2022

    Games revolving around amassing collections of in-game non-fungible tokens, known as  NFTs, have quickly become the top development of the gaming industry as a whole. 

    As such, the new phenomenon of an NFT game is breaking various records, followed by a fast development and a massive payoff for players on their gaming skills and time. 

    Does earning from gaming sound like something you’d like to achieve too? Well, the wait is over, as you no longer have to have a professional contract or big sponsorships to earn an income. On the contrary, you can earn just by playing and all from the comfort of your home. 

    NFT Games 101 

    The key feature of NFT-powered games is the financial benefit. Of course, the design of these games is not lacking, but the biggest factor of growth comes from the payoff that is now more attainable than it has ever been for players.

    The economic potential here is insane, albeit still in its inception and development phase. Players can now make money through collecting or getting rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens and game currencies. 

    Collecting these items makes them the sole owner, thanks to blockchain technology, and players are now becoming owners of parts of the game. They can choose to sell, trade, purchase, or rent any of the NFTs found on marketplaces, including their own. Think profit. 

    Top seven play-to-earn games in 2022 

    Might not be the simplest of tasks to narrow down the offer of several hundreds of play-to-earn games available right now, but we’re always up for a challenge. This is why we are bringing you the top seven games in the world of PTE in 2022. 

    SolChicks: This game is a proven choice for gamers who are on the hunt for intergalactic battles, missions, quests, and raids, but who still have a thing for customizing and developing their in-game character. Earn in-game tokens and sell your NFTs on a marketplace. You’ll have fun playing this one and the payoff will be great.

    Gods Unchained: Another great game that will have you enjoying 500 trading cards and more than 60 abilities available. Join tournaments as you play god vs. god in this great-looking free-to-play game that will have your wallet happy as well. 

    Genopets: The first move-to-earn NFT game is a great experience. It will reward you for healthy choices and lifestyle, utilizing your step data and earning as you take real-world steps. Mint your baby Genopet, generate $KI, and sell NFTs to earn.

    Axie Infinity: The success of this game partly relies on the fact that it looks and feels just like Pokemon and Digimon. Collect and mint Axies, get a hold of NFTs and easily sell them or trade on a marketplace. The demand is high, and so is the number of players.  

    Cryowar: Listen, if you are fan of the sci-fi feel and usually take on games that have to do with world dominance, this one will be your perfect choice. Battles for resources, governance, economy, world domination and CWAR tokens are all part of the fun and payoff.

    Mines of Dalarnia: This free-to-play game is another up-and-coming choice. A 2D experience on the process of mining minerals and creating a refinery will have you enjoying your P2E choice and income. 

    Plant VS Undead: This is a bit of a lighter game in which you will be tasked with quests to keep your farm up and running. Expect things like seeding, watering, and harvesting as you earn the native LE currency and earn profit.

    Have fun playing!