7 Overlooked Industries That Need Commercial Insurance

    Commercial insurance is one of the most worthwhile financial investments a business owner can make in the life of their company. It protects businesses from any significant financial losses arising from unforeseen circumstances, including property loss, injury, natural hazards, and theft.

    But despite the significant advantages that commercial insurance offers businesses, some industries have yet to be noticed when it comes to commercial insurance. This article explores some of the most overlooked industries that need commercial insurance.

    1. Photography

    Photographers stand to benefit from a variety of commercial insurance coverage options, including equipment insurance which covers the repairs or replacements for equipment; professional liability insurance, which covers the inability or failure to deliver a service as promised, general liability insurance, which covers third-party injury claims and any property damage that the photographer may cause on the job.

    2. Restaurants

    Commercial insurance protects restaurants from two main risks; property damage and legal risks. Property damage in restaurants primarily results from fire and water claims. Commercial insurance covers any financial loss resulting from such incidents assuring you, the restaurant owner, of a faster return to your previous financial position.

    The restaurant business is also riddled with legal risks from food poisoning to customer or employee “slip and falls.” Commercial insurance pays for the legal costs, including settlements, that arise from such occurrences.

    3. Tree-Trimming

    Tree-trimming work comes with a great deal of risk; the type of labor involved (working at heights) and falling debris from trees may subject workers and clients to injury and adjacent property to damage. Commercial insurance options such as general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance can help cover the expenses that may arise from accidents.

    4. Chiropractors

    Chiropractors help patients deal with musculoskeletal issues varying from neck pain to sports injuries. However, if something goes wrong during treatment, your practice may be jeopardized. Commercial insurance covers the costs of any accidents that happen and subsequent lawsuits. Commercial insurance also covers damage to the chiropractor’s place of work.

    5. Personal Trainers

    The possibility of injuries occurring while helping clients achieve their fitness goals is very real. Commercial insurance policies can protect personal trainers from legal costs incurred due to client injuries or lawsuits alleging failure to deliver on promises. Such policies also cover employee injuries, fires, and theft.

    6. Online Business

    Online businesses face risks just like any other business. These include professional liability if a product fails to deliver results, inventory being stolen in transit, legal threats from an alleged breach of contract by suppliers, and employee injuries. Commercial insurance offers online businesses financial protection from such risks.

    7. Beauty Professionals

    Beauty professionals face risks such as client injuries, business interruption due to fire or theft, and professional liabilities. It is vital to have commercial insurance as a beauty professional to protect yourself from any financial losses accompanying such risks.

    If you are a professional in any of these seven industries and are looking to get commercial insurance, we recommend that you reach out to a licensed insurance professional. With their help, you will create an insurance package that is both affordable for your business and mitigates most of the risks you face.