7 Thoughtful Gifts to Cheer Someone Up

    One of the biggest joys in life comes from our connection to family and friends. We often seek comfort, encouragement, and laughter from those we love. 

    So it’s easy to see why, when one of them is hurting, we look for ways to cheer them up. If someone in your life is sick, has suffered a loss, or is just going through difficult times, then these thoughtful gifts will show that you’ve been thinking of them and will hopefully bring a smile to their face. 

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    #1. Nourish Them with a Food Subscription Box

    When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade; and along with that lemonade, you need food, lots of wonderful food. It’s a time-honored American tradition to feed people who are going through a rough time. Maybe we think people who are sad will forget to eat, no matter the reason, and that a full stomach leads to a happy heart. 

    Instead of dropping off a casserole, however, try sending a week’s worth of easy meals with a subscription meal kit service from Blue Apron. 

    Your loved one will get pre-packaged groceries and colorful step-by-step instructions to cook several delicious meals. They will still have to cook for themselves but the box is designed to inspire fun and family bonding as they cook their worries away, knowing you loved them enough to send the ingredients. 

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    #2. Give Them Hope with Daily Affirmation Cards

    The power of positive thinking is very real. Studies have shown that daily affirmations (short positive statements) can make you worry less and smile more. Affirmations can boost confidence, pull you through a rough spot, and help control negative thoughts. 

    Comedian Suzi Barrett has made a deck of 50 cards you can send your loved one, each with cute animations and a positive affirmation for the day. These convey a dash of sass and humor, but the same energy-focusing result. 

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    #3. Tantalize their Toes with Stunning Socks

    No Cold Feet is a fun and innovative sock company that really wants to put a smile on your friend’s face–and wrap warmth and comfort around your friend’s chilly, unloved feet. Here, you’ll find snazzy, vibrant gift boxes bringing fun, colorful socks to keep your loved one’s feet happy. 

    This young and entrepreneurial venture started out by offering memorable, high-end gift sets for wedding parties but has since expanded its line of offerings even further. Their most recent launch is an irresistible Valentine’s-Day-themed box of red and pink socks in beautiful plush fabrics.

    Sending a fun love message alongside some beautiful, cozy socks will warm anyone’s heart even more, ensuring a big smile (and maybe even a kiss, if you’re lucky). So, make your gift even more special by attaching a unique message such as “I toe-tally dig you” or “you’re my sole mate”. Or you can even write your own. This customizable and trending fashion accessory to melt even the frostiest heart and toes is available only on the No Cold Feet retail website. 

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    #4. Tickle Their Funny Bone with Plush Organs

    Is someone you care about having trouble with their own internal organs? I Heart Guts makes adorable plush toys of all the major organs in the body. They make fantastic get-well-soon gifts for anyone undergoing treatment or surgery who also has an incredible sense of humor. 

    You’ll find colorful snuggly versions of the heart, liver, kidney, bladder, uterus, and more. If your friend doesn’t like toys, no problem; get them a pin, sticker, keychain, or t-shirt as well. All of these gifts are made for maximum smiles and the product descriptions alone are worth viewing. And we’re sure this is a gift idea you didn’t think of yourself!

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    #5. Give Them a Clean House

    What better way to show someone you are thinking of them than by helping to clean their house? Take something off their plate by paying for a local cleaning company to come by and make their living space clean and comfortable. When you’re sick, mourning a loss, or going through a rough time, sweeping the floor is the lowest priority on your list. If you want to make someone smile, have a maid with a mop and broom show up at their door for free! Find a locally available company that offers professional home-cleaning services and get the works. One such great company is Molly Maids which has over 100 locations across the US. 

    The only thing we would add here is choose your recipient carefully–as we don’t want you offending anyone who loves to hoard! 

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    #6. Think Outside The Box with a Fruit Bouquet

    Flowers are always appreciated–but what if you gave them something pretty, colorful, and most importantly, scrumptiously edible? 

    The company Edible Arrangements makes fruit bouquets by cutting fresh fruit into cute patterns and arranging them in a basket with sticks. Some are even dipped in chocolate, and what could be better than that? You can express thanks, compassion, or thoughtfulness with a  yummy fruit basket. There are lots of themed baskets to choose from and their fruit is always perfectly ripened and sweet. They even deliver, just like a florist! 

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    #7. Pamper Them at the Spa 

    The last (but no less important) idea is to give the gift of relaxation with a spa treatment. If you want someone to have a break and pamper themselves, then this is a sure bet. SpaFinder is a company that allows you to send a single gift card allowing the gift recipient to book an endless list of spa services from spas across the country. 

    With one gift card, you could be giving a massage, a pedicure, or a facial–or even all three. 

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