7 Vital Reasons Not to Skip Your Dental Cleanings

7 Vital Reasons Not to Skip Your Dental Cleanings

Many people do not keep their dental cleaning appointments because of dental phobia or just because they have other things that they would rather do. This is detrimental to your health, and we will explain why that is below:

1. Bad Breath

When someone has bad breath, it is uncomfortable for everyone around that person. One main reason that you may have bad breath is that you are not paying as close attention to your dental hygiene. The foods that you eat need to break down, and this process begins in your mouth. Foods travel to your bloodstream so that they can move on to your lungs. From there, odors come out on your breath. That’s why brushing and flossing after eating foods with garlic or onions will not necessarily cause the odors to disappear. This only occurs after these foods go through your entire body and come out.

If food particles remain in between your teeth, they can cause odors that make your breath smell bad, but a good cleaning removes these particles so that your breath can smell fresh and clean again.

2. Tooth Loss

Not caring for your teeth leads to gum disease, and gum disease leads to tooth loss. After you lose your teeth, you cannot chew your food effectively, and you have difficulties communicating. Reduce the risk of losing your teeth to periodontal disease by having them cleaned regularly.

3. Physical Health

The teeth show the beginnings of several physical conditions. For example, a lack of dental hygiene is linked to lung disease, bone loss, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. This is because the inflammation in your mouth remains and builds up without regular cleanings.

4. Periodontitis

This condition destroys the tissues of your gums, and it leads to the destruction of the bone that supports your teeth. As it progresses, your teeth become loose, and they can begin to fall out. You do not have to lose your teeth to periodontitis. Instead, you can take proper care of your teeth. This includes brushing and flossing every day, but it also means that you must have dental cleanings every six months.

5. Oral Cancer

The likelihood of developing oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer is much higher in men than in women. Research has shown that the risk is approximately 1 in 60 for men and 1 in 141 for women. Your dentist will be the one to discover this type of cancer, so not skipping your dental cleanings will lead your dentist to discover cancer at the earliest stage.

6. Cavities

Cavities begin very small, but if you are in the habit of seeing your dentist for regular cleanings, your dentist will find them in their earliest stages. Then, he or she can fill them promptly. If you fail to visit the dentist, the cavity can grow large enough to reach the nerve. Then, you will experience pain and need much more invasive treatment.

7. Tartar Accumulates

Although you brush and floss daily, plaque and tartar still build up on your teeth in between cleanings. This leads to bacterial infections, gum disease, and tooth decay, so do not miss your twice-yearly cleanings.