8 Expert Tips for Organizing a Stress-Free Move During Winter

    Moving can be overwhelming, even for the most organized person. The stress levels are high, and there never seems to be enough time to complete everything. However, there are some things you can do to make the transition from the old home to the new easier.

    The winter months add some complexity to any move. The weather can be crisp and beautiful, or it can be a dangerous mess. Here are eight ways to make that winter move go off without a hitch.

    1. Be Flexible on Your Dates

    One thing that you can count on with the winter months is that it’s unpredictable. The sun may be shining and warm outside today, but there could be a blizzard on the day you move. It’s best to have a date range for your move so that you don’t stress out when your moving day gets pushed back.

    2. Protect Your Floors

    Old Man Winter brings a mess of snow, ice, and rain. So, you must ensure the floors are protected in your new and old abode. By putting down something to absorb the moisture from walking in and out, you will save a lot of heartache and cleanup.

    3. Turn the Utilities on Early

    Be sure to transfer your utilities before the last minute. It would help if you didn’t allow a house to sit below freezing with no heat, as it can burst the pipes. Additionally, if you’re using the same utility company, they will allow you to have service in both places for a few days until you complete the move.

    4. Use Weatherproof Packing

    Boxes are great for packing your things in most kinds of weather, but if you’re moving during the winter, you must protect your items from the rain and snow. Switching to waterproof plastic totes might be better during the months when moisture is an issue.

    5. Consider Portable Moving Containers

    Whether you’re moving close or across the country doesn’t matter, as portable moving units are beneficial. Driving a big truck during the winter can be problematic so it might work best to use a portable moving container company. Just load the pod, call for a pickup, and have it delivered to your new address. The only thing you need to worry about transporting is you and your family.

    6. Have Essentials on Hand

    The things you need during a winter move vary from that of a summer one. For instance, you must ensure you have ice scrapers, a broom to remove heavy snow, and blankets should the vehicle break down. Keep all these things close to you to prepare for inclement weather.

    7. Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

    Before you make any journey that’s too far, you must ensure your automobile is winter ready. Did you know that your heater will blow cold air if the antifreeze in your vehicle is too low? So, ensuring your fluids are topped off, and everything is good is imperative.

    8. Dress for the Weather

    Some people don’t dress for the weather. They like to wear shorts and flip-flops no matter how the temperatures are outside. However, it would help if you had shoes with anti-slip soles to protect yourself and your belongings. Additionally, wearing layers is helpful because you can always take something off easier than putting it on during a move.

    Moving is always going to be chaotic and exhausting, but there are things you can do to make the journey easier. You can ensure your move goes off without a hitch by doing a few extra things to prepare for inclement weather and going the extra mile to protect your items.