8 Gift Ideas For Your Pet Obsessed Friend

    If you have a BFF who is obsessed with their furry friend, the best way to brighten both of their days is by surprising them with a thoughtful gift. From dogs to cats, bunnies to hamsters, and lizards to any other living creature that can breathe and has legs, you’ll find a thoughtful gift that will make their owner jump for joy in this list below. Take a look!

    1. Customized photo gifts

    There’s something about seeing their fluffy fur, scratchy whiskers, and adorable little paws. No matter what pet your friend has, you can’t go wrong with customizing a pet photo gift. When it comes to personalizing a present with your friend’s pet, make sure you have a high-quality photo that comes out crystal clear. Some gifts you can create include:

    • Canvas prints
    • Mugs
    • Pillows

    No matter what you customize, your friend will be forever thankful.

    2. Handheld shower attachment

    No matter how much you love your dog, there’s nothing worse than that wet dog smell. Allow your BFF to pamper their pet with a handheld dog shower attachment that easily clips onto their shower head and provides full coverage for the ultimate clean. The only hard part is getting their dog in the tub in the first place. But with a handheld shower attachment gently whispering Fido’s name, they’ll be howling to get bathed every day and will come out smelling fresh as a daisy.

    3. Pet hammock

    Continuing with the R&R theme, send a pet hammock to your sidekick for their pet. A pet hammock is great for dogs and cats alike, and makes it easy to bring them along on road trips. If their furry friend hates getting into the car, they can simply place them in their plush hammock, pick it up, and place it in the car. Even better, it will (hopefully) reduce the amount of hair sticking to the seats.

    4. Dog treat camera

    Is your BFF in a long-distance relationship with their pet? Maybe they’re off at college and their doggo is back home with their parents, or perhaps they’re active duty with their family taking care of their pup back home. No matter their situation, a dog treat camera will provide instant joy when they’re missing their fluffy pet. A dog treat camera allows them to see and hear their dog, say things to them, and even give them a treat. What’s better than that?

    5. Smart dog bowl

    Leaving your dog, cat, or any pet back home while you head off to work is never easy. If your friend is in a similar situation, gift them a smart dog bowl, which can be used for most types of pets. With a smart dog bowl, your friend will be able to make sure their pet is getting enough food and water while they’re away running errands or working.

    6. Personalized jewelry

    Nip separation anxiety in the bud by giving your best pal personalized jewelry they can wear every hour of the day. One thoughtful idea is getting a locket and placing a photo of your friend and their pet inside. Or, you can have an artist design customized earrings of their pet that they can wear with their favorite outfits. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalized jewelry.

    7. Toys

    Toys are a simple gift that is always welcomed. If they have a dog, give them a tennis ball thrower, chew toy, or a bone. For cat owners, surprise them with cat wine, string toys, fetch toys or CBD oil to help them calm down. Hamster owners will be delighted with a hamster wheel, while those with lizards will be pleasantly surprised with a heat lamp and “hot tub” for their little lizard to relax in.

    8. Massaging roller

    We know, pets have a super difficult life. From finding the best place to take a nap to bark at thin air, being an animal can be extremely stressful. Let them take a load off by buying a massaging roller that their owner can use to roll out knots and kinks in their muscles. Applying a balm or wax on their paws also helps them relax by soothing their dry cracking paws.

    Wrapping up

    Once you have one of these thoughtful gifts picked out, grab some wrapping paper, and send it their way! For an even better presentation, design your own custom wrapping paper with your friend’s pet’s face right on it. With a gift like one of these, your best friend and their pet will love you furever.